Lipgloss Break: Holiday Makeup Looks
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Holiday Makeup Looks

Holiday make-up looks will be bold and defined! Marie Gaglioti, Expert Makeup artist and creator of Dieci Colori cosmetic line, says the hottest looks this year will be:

Red Lips- Stand out in any crowd with bold lips that will get you noticed. “Red lips are hot for the holiday season along with dark eye liner,” says Gaglioti. “Line your lips with a deep red liner and then smear the pencil color across your lips. Next apply a smooth red lipstick over your lips and pat a drop of clear gloss in the center to add volume and shine.”

Dieci Colori Lip Shaper Pencil in Red, $14

Dieci Colori Lip Satin VII, $20

Lip Polisher VIII, $18

Shimmer and Shine- “Holiday time is the perfect time to shimmer and shine like the gorgeous ornaments and decorations that adorn our lives,” says Gaglioti. “Create luminous skin first by starting with a vitamin enriched moisturizer and then apply a creamy shimmer stick to highlight your bone structure. Apply across your cheek bones and above your brows and a touch on your nose and chin. Add shimmering mineral eye shadow in silver, gold or bronze and polish your lips with the glossiest lip gloss in metallic shades or nudes and tans.”

Dieci Colori Cheek Polish I, $25

Dark and Smokey- The eyes are the window to your soul. This holiday season, bare your sexy self with a seductive, smokey eye. “Apply a dark shadow to your lids and soften the edges with a neutral shade, then fade to a hint of ivory as a highlighter under the brow,” instructs Gaglioti. “Use a dark cake-eyeliner or gel liner to enhance the eye shape, a lot of black mascara and then line under and in the eyes with black pencil.”

Dieci Colori Eye Smudge III, $16

Dieci Colori Eye Definer in Black, $18

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