Lipgloss Break: August 2011
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Are you Addicted to Tanning?

Quick, someone send this quiz to Snookie! Find out of you're addicted to tanning by taking this QUIZ.

Many people are convinced that they have "tanorexia," or an addiction to tanning. And a new study suggests they might be right. Researchers have believed for several years that tanners exhibit similar behavior to alcoholics and drug addicts. Dr. Ariel Ostad is a Manhattan board certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgeon. He is also a co-author of a textbook entitled “Practical Management of Skin Cancer.” (Lippincott-Raven, 1998). Ostad wants the public to be aware that this addiction can be as physically harmful as any other. Dr. Ostad points out that, “The most deadly skin cancer- melanoma, is more common, and kills women predominantly in their 20s. This is life or death." Each year melanoma kills more than 9,000 people. Researchers say that people under the age of 30 who use a tanning bed 10 times a year have eight times the risk of developing melanoma.

Psychiatrists now believe that certain regions of the brain we know are partially responsible for drug and alcohol addiction seem to have increased blood flow when you put UV [ultraviolet] light in front of these individuals who are known for frequent tanning. Now scientists say they've seen that addiction firsthand, by peering into the brain. According to findings due to be released in the Journal: Addiction Biology, scientists at University of Texas' Southwestern Medical Center examined a group of tanners undergoing a regular, indoor tanning session.

Bottom line, don't start, and you won't get addicted. Take care of your skin, it's the only one you got!

Total Beauty Post - Summer Trend, White Makeup
Summer Trend to Try: White Makeup

Make sure to try this hot trend before summer ends

Summer Trend to Try: White Makeup

This is a makeup trends article

It may sound crazy, but using white makeup can bring depth to your dimensions and make your features pop -- that is, if you use the color correctly. Carmindy of "What Not to Wear" gives how-to tips that will help you see how wearable this color can be.

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Katy Perry OPI Shatter

Katy Perry OPI line is really cool. Nothing I would wear as an every day polish, but definitely cool to coordinate with specific outfits. Shatter is so easy to apply! I'm black shatter over Teenage Dream. Paired together they create a shatter pink/black look. Teenage Dream is very pretty by itself as well, sparkly and pink!

Dancing with the Stars

The new Dancing with the Stars cast was announced - it's going to be a great season!

Want to recreate some of the hair styles from the dancing queens? Check out these tips, including the new Dancing with the Stars Extension collection.


The Ballerina Bun: Get the look by pulling hair up into a high ponytail, wrapping into a tight bun and securing with bobby pins to keep it in place. For added drama, simply clip-in the Dancing with the Stars Glamarama Extension ($20:!

Modern Bangs: Get scene-stealing bangs without the commitment! Simply clip in the Dancing with the Stars Bango Tango ($22: for instant fringe.

Hot Highlights: Add color contrast without a salon visit with the Dancing with the Stars Starlights Extensions ($49:

NARS Silver Odyssey

To celebrate the upcoming Fashion's Night Out, for the first time NARS has created a collection, exclusive for the night. Introducing Silver Odyssey. More details on NARS' involvement in Fashion's Night Out to come, but here is your sneak peek at the collection. Featuring Via Crispi Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner and Space Odyssey Nail Polish, both products are unique and richly pigmented metallic silvery hues, guaranteed to make you sparkle on fashion’s most celebrated night.

Products Include:
  • Via Crispi Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner – silver, Price: $23
  • Space Odyssey Nail Polish –aluminum, Price: $17
Available:, beginning September 8th Stay tuned to the NARS Facebook Page for details on how you can participate in Fashion’s Night Out with NARS!

Proactiv Back to School Sale!

Proactiv is having a huge end of summer sale, offering $5 off any individual product on the site! Now's the time to stock up!

While supplies last, Proactiv Members AND Non-members get $5 off up to 5 of the most popular Proactiv line single items such as:

- Refining Mask: The Refining Mask contains 6% sulfur, an antibacterial ingredient known to help heal and prevent acne, while simultaneously refining the skin’s tone and texture.

- Advanced Blemish Treatment: The Advanced Blemish Treatment helps erase problem pimples fast using the acne-fighting ingredient, benozoyl peroxide, that kills acne-causing bacteria on contact

- Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen SPF 30: This light, oil-free sunblock helps to protect against UVA and UVB rays and is specially formulated for acne-prone skin.

- Mini Maintenance Kit: This travel size 3-Step System is the perfect way to keep skin clear and acne-free while traveling or heading to the gym.

- Medicated Cleansing Bar: The Medicated Cleansing Bar gently washes away pore-clogging impurities and excess oil with 1% salicylic acid, a natural exfoliant and bacteria-fighting ingredient.

Proactiv Members, get your exclusive offer here:
Not a member? Not a problem! Get your exclusive offer here:

Giveway Break - Facelube Skincare Set

The average man does not want or need a pile of products to reap the benefits of a properly maintained masculine face. FaceLube's high performance 3 step system includes a Cleaner, Treatment and Protectant. It's simple and precise - bing, bam, boom, am/pm and you're done! Because men and women age differently, men have different needs and preferences than women. FaceLube® gets the critical fact that for men, proper face care is not just about looking young - it's about looking good and staying on the fast track.

Step 1 - Anti-aging Cleaner

This anti-aging cleaner is a powerhouse of concentrated natural organic plant derived complex and high tech manufacturing protocols. It offers deep, effective and gentle cleaning of surface oils, impurities and dirt and helps to restore perfect moisture, balance and tone and is an integral part of proper men's grooming regimen. Free from controversial chemicals like Sodium Laurel Sulfate

Step 2 - Treatment

The FaceLube® Treatment is a Hi-Potency Concentrated Ultra Super Lux Caviar Complex and Natural Bio-Peptides that work to activate cell metabolism, begin repairs on past damage from environmental assaults and stress to help revitalize and firm tired skin and defend against further damage.

Step 3 - Protectant

The Protectant works in conjunction with Treatment. The active ingredients in the Protectant are complementary to the Treatment. The Protectant helps further strengthen the skin's inner structure and seals in moisture.


Guys like giveaways too! Enter to win a Facelube skincare set! Ladies - enter to win this for your man :)

Fill out the form below to win! For extra entries, you can sign up for my mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, follow me and retweet on Twitter , or become a fan on Facebook; just make sure to list the entries in your comment. Enter up to once a day!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Thursday , September 29th. I will randomly select one winner and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Total Beauty Post - Makeup Looks you can do in Minutes
10 Makeup Looks You Can Do in Minutes

Copy celebrity looks with the time it takes to make your bed every morning -- we swear

10 Makeup Looks You Can Do in Minutes

This is a makeup article

We all want to look good, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to be camped out in front of the mirror, making sure your cat-eye is just right. So, to help speed things along, we went to the pros to find out how to best accentuate what you've got in less than five minutes.

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LUSH Partners with Shark Savers

LUSH has teamed up with one of the leading marine conservation organizations, Shark Savers to bring an end to shark fining altogether. Launching today is LUSH’s limited edition Shark Fin Soap ($5.95) with 100% of the proceeds going to Shark Savers’ work to raise awareness for shark conservation. This ocean inspired soap has a decorative paper fin, is packed with seaweed and sea salt and will be available at and at LUSH stores across North America while supplies last. Help in the fight to protect our ocean’s sharks by putting down shark fin soup and picking up shark fin soap instead.

NARS Sea of Love set

NARS introduces the Sea of Love set, filled with medium and miniature-sized cult classics. The exclusive-to-Sephora set provides everything you need to keep your summer glow, as we bid farewell to the season.

Products Include:

· Laguna Illuminator – brown with golden shimmer

· Mini Orgasm Multiple Blush – peachy pink with shimmer

· Medium Turkish Delight Lip Gloss – pink sorbet

· Mini Super Orgasm Blush – peachy pink with gold glitter

Price: $49 Availability: Available now, exclusively at Sephora &

Total Beauty Post - 13 Bad Habits that Make You Break Out
13 Bad Habits That Make You Break Out

Can't figure out why you keep getting zits? The reason could be something you do every day

13 Bad Habits That Make You Break Out

This is a acne article

Habits are hard to break, but if that habit is causing your acne, it's certainly worth trying. Check out these 13 everyday habits that can be contributing to your uninvited face guests -- and start changing things up now.

Break habits

Lip Savvy! Review

There's a first time for everything... a few weeks ago I was in an airport bathroom applying lip gloss and a lady came up to me and flipped over my lip gloss. I thought she was going to snatch it from me! I was using Lip Savvy!, a new gloss that offers high shine and offers painless plumping action to hydrate lips and target fine lines and wrinkles. She loved the fun packaging and the color, and I wasn't surprised, because so do I!

Lip Savvy! glosses come in 22 shades in two different textures. I tried out Sho Bunny in the shine gloss and loved it. It's a very pretty soft pink, with the perfect amount of glitter.

It retails for $18 on their site,

Total Beauty Post - How to Hide Tired Skin
How to Hide Tired (Hungover) Skin Now

The ultimate secrets to looking refreshed -- even if you feel anything but

How to Hide Tired (Hungover) Skin Now

This is a makeup tips article

Whether it was a happy hour that turned into an all-night pub-crawl or your 2-year-old's monster-filled nightmare that kept you up all night, there are times when eight hours of shut-eye just doesn't happen. To the rescue: These makeup tips, which hide sallow, tired skin, so you can look refreshed and "awake" even when all you want to do is crawl back under the covers.

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Giveaway Break - The Make-Up-Matte

Looking for a unique gift idea for a cosmetic junkie? Get them The Make-Up-Matte! The Make-Up-Matte is a mineral and powder workspace solution and portable carryall for your cosmetics and brushes when you are on the go.

Unfold your Matte and use it at home on your vanity, in the gym, in your car, hotel bathroom and anywhere else you apply your makeup and don't want to make a mess. It not only provides a clean workspace (a must for traveling and airport bathrooms!), but also absorbs excess particles and allows you to quickly clean up your workspace!

The Make-Up-Matte currently has six different collections, including Jane, Lilly, Autumn, Stylish, Chic and Getaway. Each contain vibrant fabrics and prints to suite anyone's tastes. They retail at $22.95 and can be purchased from their site You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and on Youtube for videos.


The Make-Up-Matte is just too cute to not share - enter to win one for yourself!

Fill out the form below to win! For extra entries, you can sign up for my mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, follow me and retweet on Twitter , or become a fan on Facebook; just make sure to list the entries in your comment. Enter up to once a day!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Thursday, September 15th. I will randomly select one winner and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Betsey Johnson Unveils Too Too Fragrance

Betsey Johnson previewed her new fragrance, Too Too, at MILK Studios on August 9. The event included a special dance performance from the Stephen Petronio Company and DJ sets from 'it' girls Becka Diamond and Chelsea Leyland.

Can't wait to smell this new scent - the packaging is amazing (but I wouldn't expect anything less from Betsey Johnson)!

Total Beauty Post - 7 Summer Hair Products
7 Perfect-for-Summer Hair Products

Don't let humidity bring you (and more importantly, your hair) down with these 7 new products

7 Perfect-for-Summer Hair Products

This is a hair care products article

From frizzy hair to oily roots, what's a girl to do to combat the nasty side effects of summer? You can keep your hair looking "effortlessly" beautiful -- humidity and heat be damned -- with this season's newest, most stellar hair care products.

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$20 off at eShakti

Special eShakti discount for Lipgloss Break readers! eShakti is offering $20 off until September 15th 2011!

Use the promo code LGB0811 and get $20 off your order.

eShakti is an online retailer that allows you to customize your clothes to fit you perfectly. No need to send back clothes that don't fit you right, they will tailor them to your exact measurements! They also have beautiful belts, jewelry and hair accessories.

Happy Shopping!

Note: The discount code is not case sensitive. Only one gift certificate can be used per order. The code can be used any number of times until the validity period. This discount code is not applicable on our Overstock category. This cannot be clubbed with any other offer / discount that may be active during this period.

NARS Larger Than Life Lipgloss

Introducing the new Larger Than Life Lip Gloss. This innovative and unique formula is infused with ingredients to nourish lips and fight free radicals, while natural lip enhancers provide volume. The texture glides on evenly, won’t feather, and stays on throughout the day. A new, shorter bristle brush delivers a precise application to define and shape lips. The new, clear packaging is indicative of its overall effect: bold, brilliant and luxurious.

Shades Include:

· Place Vendôme – strawberry pink

· Norma – cherry red

· Pirée – rosy pink

· Como – shimmering berry

· Tiber – cool beige

· Odalisque – cantaloupe

· Spring Break – sheer nude pink

· Gold Digger – sparkling peach shimmer

· Cœur Sucré – shimmering bright pink

Total Beauty Post - Cheap Makeup Swaps
Cheap Makeup Swaps

You don't always have to shell out the big bucks for quality products -- these drugstore imitations of high-end faves are proof

Cheap Makeup Swaps

This is a budget products article

Who doesn't love a good deal? We appreciate bargains just as much as the next gal, which is why we hit up one of our favorite makeup artists for drugstore picks that are practically exact duplicates of high-end brands. Start saving by checking them out here.

See swaps

...And the Winners Are!

Lexli Skincare giveaway - himyheart97
HairMax giveaway - marilynkrny

Giveaway Break - Illumin8 Bronzer

Since it's summer, I've been a bronzing queen. In the winter I don't feel bad about being fair, but in the summer, I love to add bronzer to my daily makeup routine. I found a new favorite, Anastasia Beverly Hills Illumin8 Bronzer in Sunkissed.

Illumin8 is the first clinically and consumer-tested bronzing powder that hydrates the skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Just a light dusting of this right underneath my cheek bones, down my nose, and a swipe across my forehead, gives me the 'just got out of the sun' look, without the harmful rays and wrinkles.

According to the Anastasia Beverly Hills site, here are the results of their study, after 4 weeks of daily use of Illumin8:
78% reported skin appeared smoother
73% reported skin appeared Illumin8
68% reported skin appeared firmer

Illumin8 comes in two different colors, Sun kissed & Sun Bronzed, and retails at $29. You can purchase it directly from Anastasia Beverly Hills website or at department stores where Anastasia is sold.


Enter to win Illumin8 from Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Fill out the form below to win! For extra entries, you can sign up for my mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, follow me and retweet on Twitter , or become a fan on Facebook; just make sure to list the entries in your comment. Enter up to once a day!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Thursday, September 8th. I will randomly select one winner and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Katy Perry's Purr

This summer Purr is the hottest kitty on the prowl! Don’t hide from your inner feline, intensify it! Tote around this little kitty in your purse or backpack and give yourself a spritz whenever you’re feeling smart, sexy and ultra fem! Katy Perry’s Purr will take your scent from boring to bold, cause after all, what’s sexier than a kitty? Infused with peach nectar and forbidden apple, this flirty floral fragrance is the back-to-school season’s must-have scent… so be fun, be flirty, be Purr-fect!
Retail: $45 for 1.7 fl oz. and $65 for 3.4 fl oz. Available at Nordstrom and Other retailers include: Ulta,, and Dillards.

1 of hundreds New window Print all FREE Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Launch Event

WHERE: Bath & Body Works Stores nationwide

WHAT: Paris Amour Event

WHEN: Saturday August 13th 11am-4pm

***Visit the Event Page at , or call 1-800-756-5005 to locate the nearest store.

Have you always dreamed of visiting the city of lights? Bath & Body Works just might make your dream a reality at the Paris Amour Launch Event taking place Saturday, August 13th, celebrating the latest addition to the Signature Collection. Discover how Paris Amour, the captivating new scent, was created and enter to win a romantic Paris getaway for two. At the event, attendees will also have the opportunity to vote on the next Signature Collection scent. Even if your travels don’t take you to Paris, you can still experience the most romantic city in the world at your local Bath & Body Works.

Feminine, elegant and romantic, Paris Amour captures those first fleeting moments of falling in love: stolen glances from a beautiful stranger, a stroll down the Champs-Elysees, the unforgettable kiss. Envelop yourself in Parisian allure every day with a blend of sweet sparkling florals and warm, creamy musk. A part of Bath & Body Works’ “Romantic” collection, Paris Amour is formulated to make you feel enchanting, beautiful and chic.

Total Beauty Post - DIY Hair Treatments
3 DIY Hair Treatments for Summer-Ravaged Hair

Love the sun, but hate what it does to your once-silky hair? Restore moisture and shine to your dried out tresses with these recipes

3 DIY Hair Treatments for Summer-Ravaged Hair

This is a budget hair care article

Summer's all about the sun, beach, and outdoor activities -- great for your weekend plans, but destructive to your poor hair. If the last thing you can afford to drop a bunch of cash on right now is some fancy-pants salon revitalizing treatment, read on. These DIY solutions will wow you.

Get recipes

What's In My Beach Bag? - Borghese Splendore Body Bronzer

I have a history with Borghese products - I'm a huge fan. I love their hand and foot creams, and the Summer Glow SPF 20 Tinted Moisturizer. My newest favorite Borghese product is the Splendore All Over Body Bronzer. It's the perfect shade of bronze for summer. When going out, I use it on my decolletage, shoulders and tops of my legs. It's not orange like some bronzers, and it's not super glittery. It's a perfect bronze shimmer, that would probably be perfect for all skin tones.

There is no twisting to make the powder come out, you just have to turn the brush upside down and the powder distributes evenly. The only drawback is the casing, or the lack there of. If you purchase this, make sure to keep the plastic tube it comes in for storage. I don't like leaving it out without a cap. I want to protect it from any kind of dust.

I've brought this out in my beach bag to dust on over sunscreen. Make sure to put sunscreen on, thoroughly first, and then dust on Splendore on your chest and shoulders to look sun-kissed. You don't need harmful sun rays to look like a bronzed goddess, just use Splendore!

Note: This review includes products that I received as samples, provided by the brand company or a PR rep. Please click here for more information regarding my disclaimer.