Lipgloss Break: August 2009
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Special Offer for Murad Customers!
Help Beat Breast Cancer on September 15th with a $35 Massage.

In one day, Murad and Massage Envy hope to raise $500,000 to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Join them on September 15gh for a $35 massage and help put an end to breast cancer. Limited appointments are available, so call Massage Envy to schedule your massage today. Find the Massage Envy closest to you.

Giveaway Break - Organicare Fresh Fix

Need a pick me up half way through the day? With Organicare Fresh Fix Hydrating Mist To-Go a pick me up is a just a spritz away. Carry this with you to refresh and rehydrate your skin throughout the day. It contains aloe vera, lavender to calm your senses, and green tea to invigorate your skin. It's perfect for traveling (3.4 ounces so you can carry it on the plane) and great for setting mineral makeup. I use it in the morning for setting my makeup and the fresh mist totally wakes me up.


Enter to win Organicare Fresh Fix Hydrating Mist. Fill out the form below to win!

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This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Wednesday, September 30th. I will randomly select 3 lucky winners and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Allure's Top 10 Beauty Trends

Allure breaks down the top 10 beauty trends for the season...

1. Red Lips
2. Crazy Shadow - think 80s!
3. Hair Buns - I'm going to have to sit this one out...along with everything other girl with short hair
4. Dark eyes - smoke 'em out!
5. Rough waves - I love the tousled hair look...I'm in the process of figuring it out for short hair
6. Messy ponytails
7. Defined brows - intense brows are in!
8. Hair Decor - feathers, headbands and beads, don't hold back and be creative!
9. Rosy Cheeks - I love the flushed look
10. Pale lips - beige and baby pink lips are in, topped with gloss, looks super sexy!

Freebie Break

DenteBurst sample
2 free packets of Emergen-C
Free sample of Playtex Sport Tampon

Lipstick Break - Avon Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick

It's been ages since I've used Avon cosmetics. My aunt use to sell it back in the day and I use to love their tinted lip balms when I was in middle school. Well, I've graduated from the tinted lip balms and have moved on to lipsticks.

I recently tried the Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick and absolutely love the way it feels and looks on. It has a 'magic' center core, which is packed with plumping power and hydrating moisturizers. It tingles once its on to let you know it's working. This lipstick has so much moisture I don't feel the need to put lip balm on before it. Using the Vita-Plump Complex, it's formulated to boost collagen. It doesn't tingle like most plumpers and it does make my lips look a bit fuller.

I tried this lipstick in Pink Sunset and loved it. It's a shimmery pink and is so shiny it looks like I have a gloss on over it.

Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick is available in the following 10 shades:
Apricot Shimmer
Blond Ambition
Caramel Mauve
Coco Plump
Deep Blush
Pink Sunset
Plump Pink
Starlet Red
Deep Blush

This lipstick retails for $8 and can be purchased through Avon Representatives nationwide. To find a Representative, call 800-For-Avon or visit

Giveaway Break - Votre Vu Royal Treatment

Feeling like your face needs some 'Royal Treatment'? Turn to Votre Vu Royal Treatment Gentle Pearl Face Scrub to treat your face. It holds the power to restore radiance and banish dull and dry skin with this lightly decadent, organic formula of refining pearls enrobed in a soothing exfoliating emulsion.

Hydro-regulating active plant extracts soothe and balance. This highly moisturizing formula will refine and resurface your skin adn saturate you in a natural delicate fragrance. Retail cost: $32


Enter to win Votre Vu Royal Treatment Gentle Pearl Face Scrub!

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Gilden Tree Hand, Nail & Cuticle Salve

This lotion completes my morning work routine. Every morning on my way to work I put Gilden Tree Hand, Nail & Cuticle Salve on to moisturize my dry hands. This lotion soaks into my skin quickly and doesn’t leave my hands greasy.

My peeling nails and dry cuticles get extra special attention with this lotion. I make sure to massage around my nail beds closely. The hand salve quickly soaks into my dry cuticles and masks (and helps!) the dryness.

I got to try this lotion in Kiran Forest and it smells amazing. By amazing, I mean, like your favorite men’s cologne , but not overbearing. When my husband and I carpool to work and I apply it on our way in, he says to me ‘That smells good! Can I have some?’

MAC Cosmetics Nail Trend F/W '09 by Jin Soon

Nail Trend F/W '09 by Jin Soon Choi, visibly MAC in form and finish, will be coveted worldwide by fashionable women on a quest for beauty, style and self-expression. This is the perfect marriage between an iconic, cutting-edge makeup brand and a top celebrity nail stylist.

The collection includes:
Cool Reserve
For Fun
Dance All Night
Rich, Dar, Delicious
Dry Martini
Beyond Jealous
Dirty Grey Lavender
Rich Clean Purple
Brick Red
Rich Blackened Brown
Khaki Olive Green
Blackened Blue Green

Shopping Break - Bath & Body Work Sale

Bath and Body Works has a ton of sales going on this weekend. If you plan on shopping in store, make sure to print this coupon to receive a free lip item with any purchase!

Happy Shopping!

Giveaway Break - gloBrightening Polish

gloBrightening Polish from glotherapuetics is a skin-brightening polish that takes your complexion from dull to radiant with its signature formulation of Turmeric Extract to even skin tone, natural skin lighteners and exfoliating Jojoba beads.

This is one of many great products that uses Turmeric as the newest trend ingredient in skincare. Turmeric is an herb derived from the Ginger family that's known to lighten skin through decreasing melanocyte reactions. Turmeric also contains curcuminoids-phytochemicals that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aside from cooking and medical uses that date back to ancient times, Turmeric has the powerful ability to brighten the complexion, even out skin tone adn also help protect skin from free radicals and toxins.


Enter to win a gloBrightening Polish!

Fill out the form below to win! For extra entries, you can sign up for my mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, or follow me on Twitter , just make sure to list the entries in your comment. Enter up to once a day!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Sunday, September 27th. I will randomly select one lucky winners and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Clarins Goes Interactive

Clarins just launched an interactive community on both Facebook and Twitter. Be one of the first 5,000 people to fan their page and receive a complementary 3-week supply of the New Multi-Active Day skin care cream!

Shaving Tips from Diane Wood

Warm weather is here (finally in Michigan!) and it's important that we take care of our bare skin this summer. Master Barber for King of Shaves, Diane Wood, offers women tricks to achieving their smoothest shave ever!

  • Shave at Night: Shaving removes dead skin cells and the superficial layer of the epidermis reducing skin's defenses. Try shaving in the evening to avoid exposing weakened skin to external elements.
  • Do it in the Shower: Warm, wet hair is three times easier to shave than dry. Therefore, try to shave during a shower, thoroughly wetting hair with warm water for at least three minutes. Also try to exfoliate skin before shaving to prevent in-grown hairs.
  • Use a Low Foam Formula Shaving Gel: Opt for a low foam gel such as King of Shaves Woman rather than foamy gels or plain soap and water which can rob skin of moisture, leaving it dry and irritated.
  • For the Smoothest Stems: Start at the ankles and shave upwards. Shave from the bottom of the ankle, gently gliding the blade up the leg, in one smooth stroke. Take extra and shave slowly when shaving areas where bone is close to the skin surface such as ankles and knees.
  • Be Flexible: Remember to flex the heel to stretch the skin while shaving to avoid nicks and cuts that often occur behind the ankle.
  • Bikini Babe: Follow the natural direction of hair growth to prevent irritation, particularly to the bikini area. Do not press too hard; let the blade do the work.
  • Up in Arms: Underarm hair grows in different directions; thus one must shave up, down and across. To prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, pull skin tight with one hand, while shaving with the other. Re-apply shaving gel regularly.
  • Post-Shave: Thoroughly rinse any remaining gel from the skin. Avoid exposing skin to any potential irritants (i.e. lotions, fragrance or salt water) for an hour to allow skin's pores to close.

And the Winners Are....

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Collection - allygotts567
The Cure 24/7 -
Cynthia.Richardson, kleimanlaw, Cdmtex, NancyRobster, KKV14
Baggu -
LashFood -
Huge Lips Skinny Hips - Houstonhottie and Austma7

Didn't win this time? Don't fret - check out these great giveaways that are still open!

Giveaway Break - King of Shaves

King of Shaves Pamper and Moisturize Shaving Gel is for legs that require extra hydration. This lightly fragranced shaving gel contains healing chamomile and rose to soothe and calm. I had the privileged of trying this shaving gel out and I'm very impressed with the results. It left my legs really smooth, knick and razor burn free.

Offering an intense moisture burst via King of Shaves' unique mDDS (microdual delivery system), a suspension system of micro-capsules that break up upon application and help hydrate the skin by directly delivering vitamin E and grapeseed oil while shaving, Pamper and Moisturize Shaving Gel leaves the skin silky smooth and moisturized. For the price of $5.99, it's definitely worth the buy.

King of Shaves also has Smooth and Sensitive Shaving Gel, which is for legs that need some extra TLC. It contains white lily to help rejuvenate and intensively moisturize skin. This gel is fragrance free and suitable for all skin types. It's also $5.99.


Enter to win King of Shaves Pamper and Moisturize and Smooth and Sensitive Shaving Gel!

Fill out the form below to win! For extra entries, you can sign up for my mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, or follow me on Twitter , just make sure to list the entries in your comment. Enter up to once a day!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Friday, September 25th. I will randomly select one lucky winners and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Freebie! EOS Sweet Mint Smooth Sphere

Everyone...QUICK! Sign up to receive your free Sweet Mini Smooth Sphere in the mail and be sure to pass it along to friends!

Free Shiseido Complexion Kit

Visit your nearest Shiseido counter to pick up your complimentary Shiseido Complexion Kit. Find the store nearest you!

Estee Lauder Virtual Makeover Tool

Estee Lauder invites you to play makeover with them! Check out their new virtual makeover tool.

MAC in High Def Collection

The MAC in High Def Collection is everything an artist or makeup aficionado needs to make a picture perfect face. The cornerstone of the collection is MAC Face and Body Foundation. Revered by makeup artists in the photography, film and fashion worlds, Face and Body Foundation has kept skin hydrated, smooth and satiny since it launched over 20 years ago - it's truly the industry's foundation of choice for a flawless face. Tjop off with Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural, this tag team foundation and baked powder works wonders by imitating skin's natural texture and tone, a must for HDTV. Rounding out the collection are four smooth and subtle shades of Lipstick, ensuring lips are coated in creamy neutrality, perfect for a close-up.

Close To Real Light neutral peach pink (Lustre)
High Def Mid-tone neutral coral (Amplified)
Sharp Focus Deep brown plum (Lustre)
Resolutely Red Deepened claret (Lustre)
Suggested Retail Price $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Light Soft pale beige
Light Medium Pale golden beige
Medium Soft creamy beige
Medium Plus Tan beige
Medium/ Dark Caramel beige
Medium Deep Rich golden tan
Dark Deep caramel
Deep Dark Rich golden bronze
Suggested Retail Price $25.00 U.S./$30.00 CDN

C1 Soft ivory
N1 Soft alabaster
C2 Golden creamy beige
N2 Porcelain beige
C3 Golden sandy beige
N3 Creamy natural beige
C4 Golden natural beige
C5 Pale golden honey
N5 Caramel beige
C6 Rich golden honey
C7 Warm caramel
N7 Warm bronze
N9 Deep warm bronze
Suggested Retail Price $32.00 U.S./$38.00 CDN

188 Sm all Duo Fibre Face Fl at topped, full circular brush
used for lightweight application and blending of any face
or cheek formula
Suggested Retail Price $34.00 U.S./$41.00 CDN
187 Duo Fibre Face Large full circular brush used for
lightweight application and blending of face products
Suggested Retail Price $42.00 U.S./$50.50 CDN

What's at my Desk? - Poshe' Potion of Youth & Cuticle Care

Whether you are back to school or back to work (or working all year round like me), a good hand moisturizer is key to keeping hands moisturized during the day and looking healthy year round. I in love with Poshe' Potion of Youth, and use it religiously throughout my work day. Even though my profession isn't 'hand model,' I still think it's very professional to have nice looking hands. I would never go into a boardroom meeting with chipped nail polish and dry flaking hands.

Poshe' Potion of Youth smells wonderful, but definitely not overpowering. It reminds me of a face cream that my grandmother use to use. I'm constantly sharing it with my coworkers. It doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy and I love the way it makes my cuticles look.

Poshe' Cuticle Care is my morning, lunch , evening and before bed must have. I apply it like clockwork through the day and has definitely made a difference with how my cuticles look. They are healthier and cleaner looking. I've also seen a difference with my nails, they look healthier and are growing a lot stronger.

These two items are parked at my desk (I have two Poshe' Cuticle Care tubes so I can keep one at home and one at work) all year long and give me a nice little beauty break to break up my busy days.

Giveaway Break - Avalon Organics Deodorant Spray

Effectively eliminate odor with just a few sprays of Avalon Organics NEW Deodorant Spray. Perfect for use as a traditional deodorant, an all-over body spray or as a room freshner! The 100 percent natural formulation relies on organic essential oils—free of parabens, aluminum, propylene glycol and artificial colors, fragrances and preservatives—to wipe out odor-causing bacteria while providing additional restorative and calming benefits.

Envelop your body and your home with the pure, clean scent of Rosemary & Peppermint Deodorant Spray; employ the antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits with the fresh scent of Clary Sage & Lemon Deodorant Spray; Relax with the calming aroma of the Lavender Deodorant Spray; and Rejuvenate your senses with the Grapefruit & Geranium Deodorant Spray. 4 fl oz., SRP: $8.95.

Available nationwide at Whole Food Markets, CVS, Target and fine natural food retailers as well as


Enter to win an entire collection of Avalon Organics Deodorant Sprays.

Fill out the form below to win! For extra entries, you can sign up for my
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This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Wednesday, September 23rd. I will randomly select one lucky winners and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Lipstick Break - CARGO's Eve Pinky

Whitney Port Goes Green: Fashion Designer and Star of The City Joins the PlantLove™ Movement Trendsetter and Hollywood starlet is CARGO’s newest celebrity designer Whitney Port, star of MTV’s The City, is quickly becoming the style icon of her generation.

Model, stylist and clothing designer, Whitney Port is now taking her design career beyond a role at Diane von Furstenberg, to the world of beauty.

New York Post’s Page Six Magazine recently dubbed Ms. Port “The New Carrie Bradshaw” because of her extraordinary style and glamour. Always on the cutting edge, Ms. Port has now partnered with CARGO PlantLove™, the trailblazing prestige beauty brand leading the eco-movement, to design her perfect shade of lipstick. Whitney Port joins the ranks of fellow celebrity lipstick designers Courteney Cox, Evangeline Lilly, Angie Harmon and Denise Richards, to name a few. Each one of these women has partnered with CARGO because of the importance they place on protecting our planet and helping others. Importantly, CARGO will be donating two dollars from the sale of every lipstick to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®, the world's premier pediatric cancer research center.

This fall, Ms. Port’s very own signature shade of hot pink, eco-friendly 100% Natural PlantLove™ lipstick, “Eve Pinky,” will debut. The PlantLove™ line is the only prestige make-up brand to be designated ECOCERT®, a global designation signifying that all product, process and packaging meet the strictest standards for natural, organic and environmentally friendly content. ECOCERT® designated products dramatically reduce their environmental footprint.

The lipstick itself is 100% Natural, made from an infusion of Organic Cocoa Seed Butter, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E. These ingredients help moisturize lips, fight free radicals and reduce the appearance of fine lines. The lipstick is housed in a tube made of Polylactic Acid (PLA), a polymer made entirely from corn, a renewable and abundant resource. What’s more, PLA production emits less greenhouse gas than traditional plastics.

Hana Zalzal, president and founder of CARGO Cosmetics, explains, “CARGO believes that small actions taken by large groups can make a real impact. The PlantLove™ brand is more than a line of make-up: It represents a movement towards beauty without compromise.” Ms. Zalzal goes on to say, “Whitney Port brings a fresh face to the PlantLove™ movement that will inspire women around the world. We couldn’t be more pleased to work with such a brilliant, young role model.”

PlantLove™ Lipstick in Eve Pinky by Whitney Port retails for $20 and will be available mid-August 2009.

Lipgloss Break is Getting a Makeover!

Attention Readers – Lipgloss Break is getting a makeover! My good friend Brian Stuhr, graphic designer extraordinaire, designed a new logo for the site and Nicole from The Pixel Boutique is designing a new layout for me.

Please excuse the construction as the changes get implemented…I promise it will be worth it!

Stay tuned for a TON of fun giveaways and contests to roll out to celebrate the new look!

Giveaway Break - Too Faced Lip Bronzers


Enter to win a set of Too Faced Lip Bronzers.

Leave a comment below to win! For extra entries, you can sign up for my
mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, or follow me on Twitter , just make sure to list the entries in your comment. Enter up to once a day!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Wednesday, September 16th. I will randomly select one lucky winners and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Makeup Break - MACs Fall Collection

This season M·A·C celebrates the idea of the Artist in every shade and stripe…makeup as art form. M·A·C has selected three individuals who exemplify this idea through both the subjects they choose, and the wildly individual styles and colours used to convey them. Bold, heroic, big; giggly, playful, clever; dramatic, original, abstract: Fall ’09 as seen by Richard Phillips, Maira Kalman, and Marilyn Minter. Be inspired!


Using the expert skills of a photo-retoucher, Richard subjected his own painting to a M·A·C makeover with the new eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks. A collection of Eye Shadow quads, Lipsticks, Lipglass, and The Perfect Cheek Blush just leap off the canvas!


Famous for her whimsical visual diaries, Maira Kalman performed a bit of magic with M·A·C's new Technakohl Eye Liners and Eye Shadows, instantly drafting a captivating look at a stranger.


Minter’s erotic imagery zooms in on a succulently wet, red lip, a dappled, sequined eye, or a silverized stiletto splashing in the mud. Pigments in Push the Edge and Copper or Gold Glitter have the power to make anyone feel like they WILL be seen – and desired. That gift for sparkle is one reason Minter was a natural for the high-key glitter pigments in Make-Up

Total Beauty Break
Top 10 Ways to Repair Hair from Summer Damage

Sun, chlorine, air conditioning and more can suck the life out of your strands -- use these tips to resuscitate them

With summer fun unfortunately comes post-summer hair damage. After spending time in the wind, sun, chlorine, salt water and air conditioning your hair may be dull, brassy, frizzy, dry or brittle. Follow these expert tips from stylists Rodney Cutler, owner of the Cutler salons in New York City and Barry Reitman of the Kevin Josephson Salon in Beverly Hills, Calif. to make your hair look healthy and gorgeous again.

See tips

Giveaway Break - Annemarie Börlind Orange Blossom Energizer

Orange Blossom Energizer from Annemarie Borlind is a potent antioxidant action for tired, stressed, dry, or sun-damaged skin. It neutralizes free radicals and stimulates collagen production.

For daily use after cleansing and toning and before day or night cream:
  • Revitalizes and strengthens skin
  • Smooths wrinkles and fine lines
  • Promotes healing and counteracts free radical damage
  • Minimizes appearance of scarring
Key Benefits:
  • Protects skin from premature aging due to free radical damage with blood orange extract
  • Nourishes skin with carrot oil, Provitamin B-5, and Vitamins C and E
  • 2-Phase product replenishes both moisture and oils without artificial preservatives or emulsifiers
  • Stabilizes skin's acid mantle and strengthens its resistance with lactic acid
  • Calms and soothes with allantoin
  • This chart is kind of small, but contains some great stats

Active Ingredients:
  • Sicilian blood orange, Vitamins C-E-B5, carrot oil, lactic acid, allantoin
Recommended for Use With:
  • Sun-damaged skin, Rose Dew Series, LL Series, System Absolute Series, NatuRoyale Series, skin scarred from acne


Enter to win Annemarie Börlind Orange Blossom Energizer!

Sign up below to win! For extra entries, you can sign up for my
mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, or follow me on Twitter , just make sure to list the entries in your comment. Enter up to once a day!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Sunday, September 13th. I will randomly select one lucky winners and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Makeup Break - Obsessed Minerals

Lately I've been obsessed with Obsessed Minerals shadows. I have the Pressed Mineral Eyeshadows in Chasity and Temptress and love them both together. Temptress is a brown and pink iridescent shade, almost a little bronze-y. Chasity is a matte brownish pink.

I've been covering my lid in Chasity and blending Temptress into the outer edges of my lid. I use Max Factor eyeliner and soften up the black line with Temptress and a eyeliner brush. Since these shadows are pressed, they are no mess. Usually mineral makeup is quite messy and tends to get all over my vanity counters, but not these.

Michael Huwe is the creator of Obsessed Minerals. As a mother of three and a non-practicing Chiropractor, her medicine background gave her an interest in healthy alternatives in makeup choices. Her vibrantly colored shadows are reasonably priced at $10 and there are plenty of colors to choose from!

Shopping Break - $2 Old Navy Tanks

With the muggy August heat, now is the perfect time to stock up on the ultimate hot weather staple that can also be worn under cozy layers this fall.

You can never have too many rib-knit tanks! So, this Saturday, August 15th, come and get your favorite tanks for only $2 each at your local Old Navy location. Available in a variety of color choices including solid, stripe and print…these won’t last long!

*Please note this promotion is available in stores only with a limit of 5 per customer on select styles only while supplies last.

Freebie Break - IT Cosmetics on Total Beauty

It Cosmetics is SO excited to be LIVE on!
Go to and write 5 reviews for any 5 It Cosmetics products. Email them the links and they will send you your choice of:

$10 It Cosmetics Gift Certificate
Full Sized Blue Smile-Brightening Collagen Lip Gloss ($28 Value)

Spend a few minutes, Get FREE STUFF!

Here's how it works:

1) Visit their site at by clicking this link:

2) Write 5 different reviews, for any 5 It Cosmetics products

3) Copy and paste the link to your reviews into an email and send it to them at Let them know your free gift of choice ($10 Gift Certificate or Free Blue Gloss)

4) They send you your gift!

5) Repost or tweet about this to your friends to spread the word!

Giveaway Break - Glytone Acne Back Spray

Glytone Acne Back Spray....An effective at-home 2% salicylic acid back acne treatment spray. Packaged in a new innovative pump bottle that allows for convenient upside down spraying

Back acne blemishes

Adjunctive at-home care for back acne
Dries quickly
Upside down pump for easy application

2% salycilic acid in a water/alcohol base

Technical Info:
When using this product, keep out of eyes
Rinse with water to remove
Stop use and ask a doctor if rash or irritation develops and lasts
Keep out of reach of children
If bothersome dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to
once a day or every other day

Direction for use:
Apply 1-2 times daily by spraying directly onto back
Let dry prior to dressing

Recommended for use with:
Salicylic acid back peel as adjunctive care

Exclusive to Physicians, visit
for physician directory


Enter to win Glytone Acne Back Spray!

Sign up below to win! For extra entries, you can sign up for my
mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, or follow me on Twitter , just make sure to list the entries in your comment. Enter up to once a day!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Saturday, August 29th. I will randomly select one lucky winners and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Contest Break - Cosmedicine Video Contest

Cosmedicine has sponsored a video contest for spoofs, satires and parodies of misleading and hard to believe beauty advertisements and it is about to open up to submissions!

The winner gets a $5,000 cash prize! The top ten finalists get a year’s supply of Cosmedicine products (we promise it will give you beautiful, healthy skin). All eligible entries get a free gift.

Enough is enough! It’s time to put those sneaky beauty ads to shame and score a few points for women of intelligence!

The contest begins August 4th and ends September 21st. Visit the site to learn how to enter!

Total Beauty Weekend Web Tour!

Monique at Beauty Girl Musings reviews the new L'Oreal HiP Matte Shadow Duos!

Dao from My Makeup Blog discovered the awesome MAC 217 brush and loves it!

The Advice Sisters has found a great online web site for adding a bit of bling at bargain prices It is King Ice!.

Beauty Anonymous brings you Dolce & Gabbana The Make Up fall 2009 The Romantic Collection.

Check out Lipgloss Break's Review of Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket & Enter to Win One for Yourself!

Face Candy compares L'Oreal's Voluminous Naturale Mascara and L'Oreal's Waterproof Voluminous Mascara.

Butterflydiary loves her Jamba Juice, and gets a hint of it with Clinique Vitamin C lip smoothie in Nude-tricious.

Photographer and makeup artist Ellis Faas launched her self-named cosmetics line in Europe earlier this year. She is on the cusp of something new and different in cosmetics. Julie at More Than a Pretty Face interviews Ellis Faas about her cosmetics line and her work.

Contest Break - Origin's "Leave it all behind" Sweepstakes

Origins' new "Leave it all behind" sweepstakes will grant one lucky winner a FREE luxurious getaway for two to gorgeous Los Cabos, Mexico.

The Grand Prize includes two roundtrip tickets on Continental Airlines, a three-night stay at the Marquis Los Cabos beachfront resort, two rejuvenating spa treatments, and the entire collection of refreshing Origins Gloomaway products.

To enter, fill out the registration form by August 31, 2009. For full contest rules, visit

Freebie Friday

Carmex sample
Scope Outlast sample
Aveda hand relief sample - in store offer, print coupon from site

And the Winners Are...

- Rickpeggysmith - Barielle Summer Sugar Rush Collection
- Molly K & Deborah - Nouriva Repair Moisturizing Cream
- Valerie - StripTeas

Really wanted some tea? StripTeas was nice enough to give Lipgloss Break readers a special discount. 10% off your order using the code: lipglossbreak10

There are plenty of giveaways still going on...enter up to once a day!

Shopping Break - Crocs Sale & Origins Freebie!

Summer Just Got Better! Classic Kids' Cayman, regularly $24.99, now $14.99-$19.99 on select discontinued colors only. Take the plunge and get yours today.

Origins Online (ELC)

Lipstick Break - Lipstick Trends through the Decades

According to Li Edelkoort, one of the world's best known trend forecasters, there is an interesting connection between body, lips, and time frame , included by focus and proportion. Many factors come into play when analyzing lipstick trends: emphasis on particular body parts, celebrities of the time, and most importantly, the economic and financial status of American society in general. Perhaps you knew that the length of a woman’s skirt is dependent upon the economy, but who knew the color and shape of a woman’s lips could be so telling of the times?

The 20’s - Prohibition and Rebellion

A matte-finished, heart-shaped mouth is the expression of the seductive,

coquettish woman of the Roaring Twenties. Taking their cue from the scornedyet-

sought-after flapper, women go out to dance, drink illicitly distilled whiskey,

and push the envelope of their independence. Black and white movies present

the mouth in daring, feminine shapes--the “cupids bow” style of Clara Bow, the

“vamp’s lips” of Theda Bara, and the sexy “bee-stung” lips of Mae Murray.

Edelkoort notes that because the focal body part of the time period is the legs,

“breasts are smallish, and girls are boyish.” Eyes are large and lips are thin. Lip

colors are black and garnet red.

The 30’s - Economic Depression

A mouth drawn outwards with square edges emphasizes the stern, perfectionist

appearance of the sober 30’s. Women, having witnessed the financial battery of

the Great Depression, are thrifty and austere. Greta Garbo and Marlene

Dietrich— powerful, yet glamorous women who are not afraid to determine their

own fate— are idols of the time. Their steely and androgynous appearance

personifies the adult woman. Lip color is a silky/glossy reddish brown.

The 40’s - Wartime

A full mouth formed with symmetrical curves represents the courageous, selfassured

look of the 40’s despite wartime privations. While men are at war,

women are forced to fill their roles, giving them a newfound sense of identity

and responsibility. The Hollywood heroines of the silver screen, such as Rita

Hayworth, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, and Katherine Hepburn encourage the

idea that women are equally as capable in filling roles formerly occupied by

males. Lipstick becomes an instrument of individual morale, symbolizing

strength while disguising sorrow. Lip color is a brilliantly glossy vermillion.

The 50’s - Post-War Period

A voluptuous mouth with the lip line extended beyond the natural shape is

reflective of this period of reconstruction. The look is seductive and feminine,

revealing the ambivalence of women. On one hand, they oppose the traditional

role of women— one they fought to suppress during wartime. On the other

hand, they long to embrace their sexuality and femininity. Consequently, there

are two strongly opposing role models: the voluptuous and feminine Marilyn

Monroe, and the cool and self-confident Audrey Hepburn. Lip colors are bright

red or pink. Edelkoort says that in this period of rebuilding an entire economy,

the focus is on the body, and the face is seen as one whole element in perfect


The 60’s – Flower Power and Rebellion

A full, soft pout goes hand in hand with the rebellious habits of hippies in the

sixties. The period is characterized by the exploration of outer space, the sexual

revolution, Woodstock, and the anti-war movement. The youthful, anorexic chic

of Twiggy and the provocative pout of Brigitte Bardot are symbols of the

rejection of conventional beauty, prosperity, and consumption. Hence, lipstick is

still applied, but discreetly. Lip shape is large and colors are shimmering beigelike

mother-of-pearl, baby pink, and silver/white. Li attributes this to a sudden

shift in sexuality, noting that the most focused-upon body parts are the breasts

and butt.

The 70’s - Disco Rules

An outlined, shiny mouth reflects the shimmering iridescence of the 70's disco

look. Saturday Night Fever, Studio 54, platform shoes, and soulful divas like

Gloria Gaynor and Diana Ross define this decade. Women break social

conventions and explore boundaries. They are not afraid to become single

mothers or fight for their social and political rights, and they are especially

unafraid of their sexuality. Lip colors such as glittering crimson or burgundy red

convey self-confidence.

The 80’s - Emancipation

A dark, wide mouth represents the provocative punk look of the 80’s. Punk, as a

musical statement and a culture, is the first anti-beauty movement. In fashion,

women and men alike play with the idea of reverse gender roles. The

transvestite chic of Boy George and the fashion of Vivienne Westwood convey

“tribal identity”. Influenced by music videos such as Madonna's "Vogue" and

Human League's "Don't You Want Me Baby?” strong eyes and dark lips become

a popular trend. Lip colors are dark to black with metallic effects.

The 90’s - Individualism

A clearly outlined mouth painted in natural colors, either shining or matte,

documents the grunge-turned-pop look of the 90's. Internet, cell phones, Pearl

Jam and plaid, piercings, tattoos, hip hop, and the fitness wave set the tone for

this decade socially and commercially. Fashion trends change quickly—

everything is allowed. The introduction of Supermodels— Cindy Crawford,

Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista— permeates

women's idea of beauty. Brown undergoes a revival, but both dark and bright lip

colors are in demand.

2000 - The New Millennium

“Cocooning” is the buzzword for the transition into this new millennium. The

term expresses a longing to return to intrinsic value and friends and family: a

harmony that does not stop at lip fashion. The shape of the mouth is natural.

Soft and warm shades are prominent. Pastels and shimmering shades of beige,

pink, and apricot (so-called non-colors) reflect women's desires to embrace

their natural beauty and the quest for eternal balance and happiness. It’s about

a return to our basic needs, and in a declining economic climate, a new

appreciation for the bare essentials.

The Decades Ahead

So what will the future bring? According to Edelkoort, history will continue to

repeat itself. She predicts that, for now, generous, whitish beige lips will reflect

our nurturing desire to live at a sustainable, slower pace. “Thinner lips will take

us into the 2020’s,” she says. “Eventually, perfect red lips with harmonized

proportions between the eyes, lips, and body will balance our beauty in the new

era of post-recession and reconstruction.”

Source: beautypress