Lipgloss Break: Shaving Tips from Diane Wood
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Shaving Tips from Diane Wood

Warm weather is here (finally in Michigan!) and it's important that we take care of our bare skin this summer. Master Barber for King of Shaves, Diane Wood, offers women tricks to achieving their smoothest shave ever!

  • Shave at Night: Shaving removes dead skin cells and the superficial layer of the epidermis reducing skin's defenses. Try shaving in the evening to avoid exposing weakened skin to external elements.
  • Do it in the Shower: Warm, wet hair is three times easier to shave than dry. Therefore, try to shave during a shower, thoroughly wetting hair with warm water for at least three minutes. Also try to exfoliate skin before shaving to prevent in-grown hairs.
  • Use a Low Foam Formula Shaving Gel: Opt for a low foam gel such as King of Shaves Woman rather than foamy gels or plain soap and water which can rob skin of moisture, leaving it dry and irritated.
  • For the Smoothest Stems: Start at the ankles and shave upwards. Shave from the bottom of the ankle, gently gliding the blade up the leg, in one smooth stroke. Take extra and shave slowly when shaving areas where bone is close to the skin surface such as ankles and knees.
  • Be Flexible: Remember to flex the heel to stretch the skin while shaving to avoid nicks and cuts that often occur behind the ankle.
  • Bikini Babe: Follow the natural direction of hair growth to prevent irritation, particularly to the bikini area. Do not press too hard; let the blade do the work.
  • Up in Arms: Underarm hair grows in different directions; thus one must shave up, down and across. To prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs, pull skin tight with one hand, while shaving with the other. Re-apply shaving gel regularly.
  • Post-Shave: Thoroughly rinse any remaining gel from the skin. Avoid exposing skin to any potential irritants (i.e. lotions, fragrance or salt water) for an hour to allow skin's pores to close.

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