Lipgloss Break: Beautyzzz Natural Silk Pillowcase
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Beautyzzz Natural Silk Pillowcase

Unlike cotton, the amino acids in silk proteins resemble those found in human skin, creating a virtually perfect pH balance that does not deplete hydrating moisture. Beautyzzz, “Beauty Obsessed Bedding”, offers an alternative to cotton— the Beautyzzz Natural Silk Pillowcase, designed to care for the natural condition of skin and hair, and make nighttime beauty routines more effective. Made of specially commissioned hypoallergenic silk, free of chemicals, pesticides and artificial colors, Beautyzzz Natural Silk Pillowcase has been developed to provide the following benefits:
  • Inhibiting skin and hair hydration loss and improving moisture retention
  • Promoting cell renewal and maintaining natural pH levels
  • Enhancing absorption of beauty products to increase their efficacy
  • Preserving the natural, crease-free contours of skin and smoothness of hair (helping prevent “bed head”)
  • Providing unique dermatological benefits—medical studies of silk bedding demonstrate “the natural fiber’s soothing properties are ideal for sensitive skin” and the “antimicrobial benefits and skin-like composition make silk bedding optimal for [dermatitis and eczema] skin conditions.”

BEAUTYZZZ is available $47 at Studio Beauty Mix Fred Segal Santa Monica and

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