Lipgloss Break: Casa di Francesca Reed Diffusers
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Casa di Francesca Reed Diffusers

Looking to set the mood at home with some holiday scents? Not only do reed diffusers make your home smell good, but they are beautiful as a decoration and you can leave them 'on' at all times, unlike candles.

Check out the following scents from Casa di Francesca:

Home for the Holidays – A savory mixture of spices, Home for the Holidays evokes sweet memories of celebrations with family and friends. This Casa di Francesca fragrance will warm the home with sheer joy for the season.

Morrocan Amber – Casa di Francesca’s Morrocan Amber fragrance will be sure to set the mood with the romance of an exotic land. The delicate blend of the warm and woodsy notes will fill the home with a sensual heat even on the coldest of nights.

Mountain Paperwhite – Although the freshness of spring flowers may seem far, far away, Casa di Francesca’s Mountain Paperwhite fragrance keep the beauty of these little flowers alive during the cold, winter months. Like the soft snowflakes that decorate the mountain tops, this intoxicating fragrance will sprinkle sweet notes around the room.

Eggnog Spice – Nothing warms the soul with holiday spirit quite like the warm, comforting scent of Eggnog. With hints of nutmeg and cinnamon, Casa di Francesca’s Eggnog Spice fragrance will transform your home into a holiday haven.

Wild Forest Honey and Cream –With savory notes of honey and sweet cream, Casa di Francesca’s Wild Forest Honey and Cream fragrance fills the air with a delectable aroma for all to enjoy. Give your holiday guests a succulent treat with Wild Forest Honey and Cream.

Peppermint Pine – With the coolness of peppermint and muskiness of a Pine forest, this Casa di Francesca fragrance will usher in memories of a winter sleigh ride. This wonderful holiday scent will warm your home with the blissful memories of the holiday season.

I've tried Casa di Francesca's Deep Lilac and Cedarwood Vanilla scents and loooove them. The Deep Lilac scent filled my whole living room . They last quite a long time, too. The jars they come in are super cute and all adorned with a ribbon and bead. The diffusers sets are $29.99, and the refills are $24.50.

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  1. The scents sound so delicious. I have to see if I can find these in a store near me.