Lipgloss Break: Moisturizer Break - Kenzo Cashmere
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Moisturizer Break - Kenzo Cashmere

We all love to pamper ourselves at home, right? Kenzo's Cashmere for Body Skin is a must for an at home spa day. The clean, fresh, powdery scent of this lotion is ideal for serenity. The lotion comes in a spray bottle and leaves your skin with a powdery finish. It's a light lotion, perfect for summer.

Key Ingrediants
Silk extract – luxurious and sensual, silk fibre, also known as “the queen of threads”, softens the texture of this powdery fluid and eases its application on the skin’s surface. Rich in aminoacids, it is known for its moisturizing properties.
Milfoil yarrow – naturally rich in mineral elements and essential oils, milfoil yarrow contains truly soothing properties.

Tip: Make sure to shake really well before application. The powder tends to sit at the bottom of the bottle if it has not been used in awhile.

Kenzo's Cashmere for Body Skin can be purchased online at ($42)

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