Lipgloss Break: Travel Break - Packing for India!
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Travel Break - Packing for India!

It took me about 4 hours to pack for Paris, and I was only going for 5 days. I dedicated 2 days to packing for India for 2 months and I'm just now finishing! Below is a list of the skincare and beauty essentials I'm bringing with me. Please email me or comment if you think I forgot something...or have something to suggest. I've never been to India, or anywhere else away from home for 2 months, so I'm welcoming suggestions! A lot of these items are new to me, so I'll be posting my reviews of them while I'm in India.

It's going to be 100 degrees there, first things first, I need to bring some sunscreen with me.

- Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster & Oil Free Matte Block - I'll be mixing the Solar Defense in with my face moisturizer and Smashbox tinted moisturizer.

- La Roche-Posay Anthelios 40 Sunscreen Cream - My dermatologist recommended this sunscreen. It contains Mexory SX, which is the new sun filter in the only sunscreen formulas that have been specifically approved by the FDA for protection against short UVA rays.

- Nivea A Kiss of Protection Lip Care SPF 30 - I'm going to keep this on me at all times. Not only does it protect from UVA/UVB rays, but it also contains Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter.


- Cetaphil bar soap - My favorite. I usually use the pump, but that can be messy in a suitcase, so I purchased a new bar to travel with.

- Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer w/ SPF 15 - This will go under my sunscreen. You can never have too much protection!

- Setoso Eyebalm - I've been using this religiously every morning, before my moisturizer and makeup. I really like the application of this product. Applying the balm relieves you from having to rub the sensitive part of your eye area, and it glides on so smooth. It's cooling, relaxing and perfect for my soon to be jet-lagged eyes.


- Dove White Beauty Bar soap - I can't do without this. I buy it in bulk and will never switch.

- Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen - I am sacrificing all of my fun smelling body lotions for healthy, sun protected skin. I decided on Aveeno's daily lotion with SPF 15 as a body moistuizer after the shower.

SweetSpot Labs On-The-Go Wipettes - With 36 hours of travel time ahead of me, these will come in handy for freshening up.


- I never leave home without my round brush, hair dryer and flat iron.

- Umi SLiquid - This styling gel has aloe in it, along with sunscreen for sun protection. After styling, it leaves my hair frizz free.


- It was love at first site with this makeup bag. Victoria's Secret Quilted Beauty Carry All Bag in pink matches my master bathroom perfectly. I thought it would be perfect to take with me since it reminds me of home.

- Becca Cosmetics Mineral Bronzer - It's going to be 110 degrees outside...I need to look just a little sunkissed.

- PUR Minerals 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Powder SPF 15 - I alternate days with mineral make up and tinted moisturizer. I love Pur Minerals powder, it gives me great coverage with an added bonus of SPF 15.

- Lipstick Queen Big Bang in Infinite - This gloss has the perfect tint of pink to it.

- Jelly Pong Pong Fairly Lashes Mascara - This is my new favorite. You can read my review of this product HERE.

- Revlon False Eyelashes - I have no idea what to expect for the nightlife in India, I may want to spice it up one night and really play up my eyes.

- Thevi Cosmetics Triple Split Shadow in Hemisphere - I love having one compact with 3 colors. It makes it easy to pack, especially for short weekend trips while I'm in India. I can do my eyes light during the day, and dark at night, all in one compact.

- Crazy Rumors HibisKiss - This lip color is super moisturizing with the perfect hint of color. It's all natural and vegan.

- Eco Tools Recycled Aluminum Retractable Kabuki - I love this brush. It feels like silk on my face! It applies both bronzer and Pur Minerals 4 in 1 powder really well.


- Hollywood Clear Bra Straps & Hollywood Hookup Bra Converting Clip- I wored these out to my best friend's bachelorette party this past weekend, under a sheer shirt, and loved them! I'll definitely be bringing them to use with my sleeveless dresses.

- Hollywood Hookup Bra Converting Clip - I'll use this on my bras when wearing my new razor back tank tops.

- Headbands - I'm trying to pull off the Gossip Girl look with fun headbands. We'll see if it happens in India.


- LA Colors Nail Art in White - Wearing sandals and flip flops will give me the itch for a french manicure.

- Nic's Sticks in Are We There Yet? - I have this on my nails right now, and I'm taking it in my carry on for quick touch ups during layovers.

- Jessica Nail Polish in Coral Reef Daises - I have this on my toes right now. I'm ready for peep toe shoes!

- Zoya Hurry Up Speed Dry Drops - This is my favorite nail product. Not only does it dry nails quickly, but it also moisturizers your cuticles.

Well, I'm all packed now! I'm going to miss all my friends and family so much, but I know that this time will fly by and I will have the experience of a lifetime. Next time I post I'll be in India :)


  1. Hi Lipgloss break - great that you are going to India! My family is from there and just 2 things I would add - I would honestly forego the hairdryer and flatiron b/c it is too humid to even bother.

    Second, and not beauty related - consider nixing sleeveless dresses and tanktops unless you want a lot of stares from people!! Tourists will wear them but it is generally not considered appropriate.