Lipgloss Break: Body Break - Clarsskin Review
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Body Break - Clarsskin Review

I received a sample of Clarsskin to check out and was a little skeptical as to how it could differ from my normal bar of soap. I put it in my shower to remind myself to try it the next day, but someone else got to it husband. He was curious as to what this new thing in the shower was, so he read the bottle and used it. 'Hey, this stuff works good!' he said the next morning!

Deodorant never seems to fully come off with bar soap the shower. A little bit of Clarsskin goes along way in the shower. It washes away all deodorant residue and stickiness, and allows you to get a clean shave without clogging your razor with deodorant gunk. This is going to be an essential for me this summer. No one likes deodorant stains! The blue bottle is lightly scented, nothing too strong that lingers, and it's also available in an unscented form.

How does it work?

Clarsskin Underarm Cleanser is a specialized underarm cleanser designed to gently and efficiently remove all traces of antiperspirant deodorant residue. The first product to define the true meaning of clean.

Bonus tip: Works great as a shaving cream for legs, too!

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