Lipgloss Break: Skincare Break - KenzoKI: Cleansing Ice Jelly
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Skincare Break - KenzoKI: Cleansing Ice Jelly

Kenzo introduces Cleansing Ice Jelly. This self-cooling cleansing jelly is the perfect companion to summer! This chilly jelly turns into a soft, water-like cleanser upon skin contact, and doubles as a gentle, non-irritating make-up remover. Its unique jelly texture makes it especially effective on even waterproof makeup. Ginseng extract tones and stimulates, while the spicy scent of ginger flower helps to invigorate the senses.

What does it do?
It gently cleanses, removes make-up and tones. Ginseng is an effective anti-aging supplement and has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help stimulate circulation and improve blood flow. It is classified as an adaptogen, a natural herb product that helps to increase the body’s resistance to stress and fatigue.

What is KENZOKI?
Inspired by nature, KENZOKI skincare pairs advanced research with four natural elements from Asia to create the ideal balance of performance and pleasure. Cultivated specially for Kenzo in East Asia, ginger grows from March to November in sandy plains. A research program conducted by the Gattefossé laboratories has shown that ginger plant water defends against free-radical activity. Moreover, by reducing the activity of the tyrosinase (an enzyme involved in skin coloring), this water enhances the skin’s natural radiance and encourages a healthy glow.

How do you use it?
Morning or evening, dab on a soft cotton pad or apply directly to face and neck.

Here's a tip:
Store this in the refrigerator to enhance its toning properties. Follow up this cleanser with KenzoKI Vital Ice Cream to lock in moisture and enhance its invigorating properties!

KenzoKI Cleansing Ice Jelly is available exclusively at in April 2009.

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  1. What an awesome product. It'll be great for the end of the hot days coming soon!

    I'll definitely be putting this product in my makeup case!

    Check out this page for some great beauty related products!