Lipgloss Break: Freebie Break - SweetSpot Labs
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Freebie Break - SweetSpot Labs

"We know you don't wash your hair with toothpaste. Nor brush your teeth with shampoo." - SweetSpot Labs.

You buy special products to help cleanse, refresh and groom every part of your body, from your hair down to your toes, but are you missing something in between? SweetSpot Labs has you covered. They have formulated pH balanced products specifically for optimum sweet spot health. They contain mild ingredients specially chosen to blend with soothing botanicals, and is absent of alcohol. Those products with aroma contain pure essential oils that were deliberately selected for scents that enhance and complement a woman, while contributing a cleansing, calming and refreshing function. The line includes "No. 00" products that contain no aroma or color for women who prefer aroma-free products or have extra sensitivities.

SweetSpots Labs would like to get to know you, and would like you, to get to know them! Be one of their first 500 friends on Facebook and receive one of their products for free, your choice!

Here's what you have to do:
1.) Join their Facebook page
2.) Take a look at their website, and comment on their Facebook Wall about any of their products
3.) Email them at with your product choice (1 wash, mist or wipe) and your mailing address
4.) Last, but not least, enjoy the weekend!