Lipgloss Break: kenzo
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Kenzo Friends & Family Sale Event

Kenzo is staring November off right with their annual Friends and Family Event! From November 2nd to November 9th you can receive 25% off your purchase at with the code: 09FAMILY. Happy Shopping!

Perfume Break - KENZOAMOURE Eau de Toilette Florale

A Bouquet of White Flowers from New KENZOAMOUR Eau de Toilette florale

In Asia, the poets say that the purest light is written in white flowers. KENZOAMOUR Eau de Toilette florale initiates a new journey of love into the light with a feminine bouquet of delicate white blossoms. Top notes of neroli, grapefruit-black currant and essence of cardamom unfold into a floral heart of frangipani blossom, gardenia and rosebud. White musk and cedar wood complete this fresh, floral fragrance. Lulled by these gentle flowers, this new eau de toilette is inspired by the journey of love.

The star Neroli, is a delicate white flower distinctive for its refreshing floral aroma with a hint of spice. Our Neroli blossoms are harvested by hand and after distillation are combined with a unique blend of white flowers to create an elegant, sophisticated floral bouquet.

KENZOAMOUR Eau de Toilette florale begins a new voyage through Asia, following the ever-shifting sunlight as it changes all that it touches. Ukrainian-born model Olga Kurylenko has been the face of KENZOAMOUR since 2007. She rose to international fame in 2008, co-starring in the 22nd James Bond film, Quantum of Solace as Camille Montes.

Bottle Design

Karim Rashid’s design, inspired by feminine sensuality and flourishing energy, has been bathed in sunlight and lightly brushed by a poetic white mist. On the box, a luminous reinvention of the bird takes to the air.

Retail Information

Available at in July 2009.

40ml (1.4oz) and 85ml (2.9oz).

SRP: $55 USD and $75 USD

Fragrance Break - Kenzo Indian Holi

PowerPoint Presentation

After spending almost 2 months in India, I was instantly drawn to KenzoAmour EDP Indian Holi fragrance. This scent has been out for awhile, since Spring 2008, but I just had the chance to try it. I'm not sure if it's the actual musky floral scent of this perfume that reminds me of India, or just the fact that it's called Indian Holi and the color and design of the bottle screams 'India.'

A Little Background about Holi

Holi is the festival of colors celebrated all over Northern India heralds the end of the winterand the beginning of the spring,and marks the rekindling of the spirit of life. It is a festival of love and laughter when all is forgiven and it is a time to break free. People of young and old gather before the night of the full moon in the month of March and let loose mists of vibrant colorsas a testament to the joy of Spring. Kenzo traveled through India in March and was inspired by the exuberance of Holi to create its first limited edition of Kenzo Amour.

The Fragrance

A musky floral that evokes celebration Indian Holihas its head in the clouds, with rice steam, frankincenseand whispers of cherry blossom. It breaks into a heart of natural

rose essencebalanced by the freshness of pink pepper, and smoothed by

petals of peonyand frangipani.At the base, it lingers over a musky, sandalwood bed, gently spiced with vanilla.

The Bottle

Designed by KarimRashid, the original “bird in flight” bottle now bears splashes of red and pink celebrating the spirit of Indian Holi. Laced in gold is the heart-felt cry of “it’s Holi.”

Giveaway Break - Kenzo's Twitter Only Mother's Day Contest

Kenzo is hosting a Mother’s Day twitter-only giveaway until tomorrow at 12pm. Entrants just simply follow @kenzousa and tweet the following:

Enter to win a KenzoAmour Gift Set! Follow @kenzousa and retweet. Ends 12pm Tues, US shipping only

The winner will receive a KenzoAmour Gift Set (value $88) that includes a 100ml KenzoAmour eau de parfum, 5ml mini eau de parfum and 100ml body lotion!

And the Winner is...

Claire (thefatesarevicious)! Congratulations - You won the got2b Smooth Operator Set! I will forward your mailing information to got2b so they can send you your prize.

Didn't win this time? Don't fret! You still have 4 whole days to enter the FLOWER BY KENZO Perfume Giveaway...there are multiple ways to enter!

Giveaway Break - FLOWERBYKENZO Spring Fragrance


I will randomly select one lucky entry to win a bottle of the Limited Edition FLOWERBYKENZO Spring Fragrance. Make sure to sign up below for your chance to win! You can enter up to once a day. For extra entries, you can sign up for my mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, follow me on Twitter, or pass this along to all of your followers on Twitter.

This giveaway is open to US & Canada residents only. This
contest will end on, Friday, April 24th. I will announce the winner on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Perfume Break - FLOWERBYKENZO Spring Fragrance Limited Edition

Dawn breaks at the end of a long winter; a singular light warms the atmosphere, permeating the landscape little by little. Spring is here. FLOWERBYKENZO Spring Fragrance Limited Edition, a sparkling floral, welcomes the return of life with lively mandarin and ginger notes, brightened by a touch of lychee. At its heart, suave notes of parma violet, freesia and white musk unfold.

An ancient fruit, lychee has been cultivated in southern China for over a millennium. Lychee are often eaten as a healthy snack or used as an ingredient in desserts. They have a sweet, citrusy scent.

Light settles on a poppy encased in frosted glass. On the box, a light-hearted poppy sways freely in the breeze.

FLOWERBYKENZO Spring Fragrance Limited Edition, available at in April 2009. 50ml (1.7oz). SRP: $52.00USD

Moisturizer Break - Kenzo Cashmere

We all love to pamper ourselves at home, right? Kenzo's Cashmere for Body Skin is a must for an at home spa day. The clean, fresh, powdery scent of this lotion is ideal for serenity. The lotion comes in a spray bottle and leaves your skin with a powdery finish. It's a light lotion, perfect for summer.

Key Ingrediants
Silk extract – luxurious and sensual, silk fibre, also known as “the queen of threads”, softens the texture of this powdery fluid and eases its application on the skin’s surface. Rich in aminoacids, it is known for its moisturizing properties.
Milfoil yarrow – naturally rich in mineral elements and essential oils, milfoil yarrow contains truly soothing properties.

Tip: Make sure to shake really well before application. The powder tends to sit at the bottom of the bottle if it has not been used in awhile.

Kenzo's Cashmere for Body Skin can be purchased online at ($42)

Perfume Break - KENZO EAUX DE FLEURS Collection

KENZO returns to nature with a new collection of three subtle floral notes, EAUX DE FLEURS, featuring three flowers, picked from Japanese trees to evoke a delicate trail of scent. KENZO asked three perfumers to create a vision for each scent in the trio, resulting in three distinct, whimsical fragrances. With the EAUX DE FLEURS collection KENZO seeks to discover the evanescent quality of blossoming trees, a creative approach blending authenticity with poetry. Every year, KENZO will enrich its collection with a new flower picked from a Japanese tree.

EAU DE FLEUR de soie . silk

Nonchalant and audacious, the silk flower flutters gently in the breeze. Jean Jacques of Takasago has created EAU DE FLEUR de soie, a crimson floral note with a tender, fruity heart. In Japan the silk tree is known as nemunoki, the sleeping tree whose leaves close slowly at night and reopen in the morning, giving the illusion that the tree has slept through the night.

EAU DE FLEUR de magnolia

Perched on their branches, magnolia flowers flaunt their dignified and willowy allure. Francis Kurkdjian of Takasago has created EAU DE FLEUR de magnolia, a radiant floral bouquet, bursting with hesperidian notes to “…capture the fragile crystalline freshness of a magnolia blossom, like a ray of spring sun piercing winter clouds.”

EAU DE FLEUR de thé . tea

Sheltered under its leaves, the soft white petals of the tea flower conceal a heart of gold. Aurélien Guichard of Givaudan has created EAU DE FLEUR de thé, a floral concoction with notes of green tea and a hint of musk, reminiscent of fresh leaves melding with the gentle aroma of the tea flowers.

The Bottle

Tinted in light shades of rose, saffron and chartreuse, the bottles curve as if swaying in a gentle wind. A fragrance faithful to Kenzo’s inspirations, the bottles bear his signature.

The entire collection is currently on sale at