Lipgloss Break: Perfume Break - KENZO EAUX DE FLEURS Collection
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Perfume Break - KENZO EAUX DE FLEURS Collection

KENZO returns to nature with a new collection of three subtle floral notes, EAUX DE FLEURS, featuring three flowers, picked from Japanese trees to evoke a delicate trail of scent. KENZO asked three perfumers to create a vision for each scent in the trio, resulting in three distinct, whimsical fragrances. With the EAUX DE FLEURS collection KENZO seeks to discover the evanescent quality of blossoming trees, a creative approach blending authenticity with poetry. Every year, KENZO will enrich its collection with a new flower picked from a Japanese tree.

EAU DE FLEUR de soie . silk

Nonchalant and audacious, the silk flower flutters gently in the breeze. Jean Jacques of Takasago has created EAU DE FLEUR de soie, a crimson floral note with a tender, fruity heart. In Japan the silk tree is known as nemunoki, the sleeping tree whose leaves close slowly at night and reopen in the morning, giving the illusion that the tree has slept through the night.

EAU DE FLEUR de magnolia

Perched on their branches, magnolia flowers flaunt their dignified and willowy allure. Francis Kurkdjian of Takasago has created EAU DE FLEUR de magnolia, a radiant floral bouquet, bursting with hesperidian notes to “…capture the fragile crystalline freshness of a magnolia blossom, like a ray of spring sun piercing winter clouds.”

EAU DE FLEUR de thé . tea

Sheltered under its leaves, the soft white petals of the tea flower conceal a heart of gold. Aurélien Guichard of Givaudan has created EAU DE FLEUR de thé, a floral concoction with notes of green tea and a hint of musk, reminiscent of fresh leaves melding with the gentle aroma of the tea flowers.

The Bottle

Tinted in light shades of rose, saffron and chartreuse, the bottles curve as if swaying in a gentle wind. A fragrance faithful to Kenzo’s inspirations, the bottles bear his signature.

The entire collection is currently on sale at

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