Lipgloss Break: Spa Break - Bliss Spa on 49th
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Spa Break - Bliss Spa on 49th

My husband surprised me with a weekend trip to New York City for my birthday. We had both never been to the city, so it was an adventure for both of us. We had nothing planned but shopping and eating. Well, except for my manicure appointment at Bliss Spa at 9am. I can never sleep in when I'm on vacation, so I decided to treat myself with a manicure from the award winning spa in the New York W Hotel, Bliss 49. I made it early so I would have pretty manicured nails for the majority of my trip (and so my hubby could sleep in while I got pampered).

The spa is so cool inside. White and baby blue, with a very airy feel to it. They offered me water, coffee or juice, and had an assortment of sweets and cheese out for all customers. It's a very chill atmosphere, which is perfect for a hour at the spa.

The nail technician who did did my manicure was nice, friendly and professional. She gave me advice and answered all of my questions (I tend to ask a lot, especially when I'm sitting in front of a professional). I have very dry skin, especially around my nails, and she suggested the Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream (with macadamia oil+grapeseed extract). It's wonderful. I bought a sample size for my purse, just to try, but now I want to invest in a large one. It's not greasy, and absorbs quickly. The smell is lemon-ish, very fresh and clean. Best part about buying this at the spa? It came in a fun, blue, Bliss bag tote!

I highly suggest this product if you have dry hands and/or cuticles. I use it religiously before going outside in the cold weather.

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