Lipgloss Break: Shop Break - Bath Tub Caddys
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Shop Break - Bath Tub Caddys

This is the perfect addition to any bath tub pamper session! After a long week at work, I filled my tub up with plumeria bubble bath, poured a glass of white zinfandel and read a few chapters of Twilight. Everything fit nicely, including the wine, in my new bath caddy. I loved not having to worry about getting the pages wet in my new book. The bath caddy I have pictured is from Valentine's Day is coming's the gift that keeps on giving!


  1. OMG i have to get one. I love it!! Thanks for sharing this! Ive yet to read twilight. My 13 year old daughters has all the twilight books, but she wont let me touch them. lol. I thought about after she goes to school, to sneak and I did see the movie but im sure it wasnt as good as the book.