Lipgloss Break: Going to NYC...
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Going to NYC...

Hi All - I'm going to be traveling to NYC this week for work. I would love to hear your suggestions on things I should do if I have downtime. I'll be in Manhattan (our office is in the meat-packing district). Any suggestions for restaurants, shops, and of course, spas, I should check out? Postings may be a little slow this week, but I'll be sure to fill everyone in on Friday about any adventures or cool finds I come across while in the city :)

1 comment:

  1. hi! i found your blog from blog catalog! there's a cool restaurant in manhattan called 'cafeteria' thats popular and has good food. you should try it!

    there's a tiny lil bakery/sweets shop near st.marks place that is divine...i'll have to try to remember the cross streets...if i remember, i'll leave another comment. have fun on your trip! when you have time, check out my page and leave a comment! thanks!