Lipgloss Break: Entertainment Break - Wine Charms
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Entertainment Break - Wine Charms

One of the most exciting things about having house is entertaining. My husband and I just got married and bought a house, all in the same month. I had my first party at my house right before Christmas, for all of my girlfriends (I kicked my husband out of the house...girls only!). A few years ago we decided to stop exchanging gifts and instead, go out to dinner, a movie, and then out for a few drinks. This year, I opted to host the party. The theme: Wine Tasting Christmas Party. Everyone brought a bottle of wine and an h'orderve to pass. I decided that since I was hosting, I wanted to have favors for everyone. I went to the local Dollar Tree and picked up wine glasses for the girls. I wanted to dress them up and found the perfect charms! Thanks to, I was able to have fun making them myself, and save money too.

I'm not the craftiest person, so I was happy to see that these were super easy to make. I went to my local craft/bead shop, and purchased wire hoop earrings ($0.35 a piece) and small bright glass beads (about $5 for 15 beads). I put about 3 beads on each wire and used needle nose pliers to bend the end of the hoop so it closed.

I had all of the glasses, with the charms on them, set up on my kitchen's island when the girls arrived. They were so surprised when they saw them and excited to pick out their wine glass charm color!

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