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RUSK Wired

I am currently loving RUSK Wired flexible styling creme. It's a thicker styling cream, and when applied to towel dried hair, makes blow drying a breeze and leaves my hair super smooth. Rusk rates it as a medium (3 out of 6) on their 'hold scale.'

For my short hair, I applied a little more than a pea size amount (maybe 2 peas!). I rubbed it between my hands and then applied it first to my ends, and then work up to my roots. I quickly pulled a comb through my hair to help distribute it. I blow dried my hair and voila, silky smoothness. I like how it gives the ends of my hair a smooth finish after flat ironing, and less of a frizzy finish. It held up nice in the humidity and it's great for every day styling. I was given a 2oz travel size to test out, which is perfect for my work travel. This also comes in a larger, 6oz full size.

Note: This review includes products that I received as samples, provided by the brand company or a PR rep. Please click here for more information regarding my disclaimer.

Golden Globes Style - Hair by Wella

Michelle Williams, winner for Best Actress had her hair styled by Chris McMillan using Wella Professionals.

Chris says, “Michelle looks incredible with this short, modern Mia Farrow inspired style.  It’s a retro ‘60s combined with Flapper flair type of look that shows there’s still a lot of glamour and versatility with short hair.”
  1. First, apply Wella Professionals Natural Volume Styling Mousse to wet hair and then shape hair with hands to air dry naturally in the direction of the style.
  2. Once dry, use hands and a hair dryer directed at the roots to give extra lift at the crown and body throughout.
  3. Then apply Wella Professionals Mirror Polish because the shine serum adds a polished finish while smoothing hair into a shape.
  4. Adding a simple black headband with jeweled brooch gives a modern spin to this retro look.
  5. Push bangs over to the side where the jewel is positioned for a heavy fringe effect.
  6. Spray Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray to smooth hair down and give hold throughout the night.

The beautiful Busy Phillips had her hair styled by Chris McMillan using Wella Professionals for this evening’s Golden Globes. Just yesterday, she was at the Wella Professionals Beauty Bar with her young daughter, where they both had their hair styled in matching braid updos. 

“What I love about Wella stylers is that they are light and there’s no product buildup so the hair still has a natural look and won’t get weighed down throughout the night,” Chris explains.

  1. Prep wet hair with Wella Professionals Natural Volume Styling Mousse and loosely dry for a textured finish.
  2. Spray Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray while hair is nearly dry so it’s slightly piecy and pull into a imperfect, textured French twist.
  3. Add a headband at the top of the head to complete the look for an added touch of elegance.

Wella Professionals stylists have been busy tonight creating the top stars’ hair looks for the Golden Globes. Here are the details on Shailene Woodley’s hair look, styled by Campbell McAuley for Wella Professionals.

1. First, prep wet hair using Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier and then let dry naturally with a diffuser. Campbell says “I love this product because it makes the hair look healthy and shiny and gives great volume.
2.  Once nearly dry, lightly mist hair with Wella Professionals Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray before using a 1 ¾ curling iron to enhance natural waves.
3. Once hair is prepped, then take a section from crown to ears to divide hair into a front and back split section.
4. At the back section, pull hair back into a ponytail, not pulling it too tight so that there is still a natural hair movement.
5. Spray Wella Professionals Shimmer Delight Shine Spray in the front section to give the best glossy finish for the red carpet. 
6. Then, sculpt hair into a side parted wavy style with hands moving into a beautiful twisted bun.
7. Finish off with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Hairspray

Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist Andy LeCompte has provided his inside scoop on styling MADONNA with Wella Professionals for her win on tonight’s Golden Globes Awards.

According to Andy, “Madonna wanted easy natural texture hair.”
“To start, I rough dried her hair manipulating and emphasizing her natural texture.  Next I applied a mist of Wella’s Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray to protect the hair from thermal heat as well as give the hair a slight bit of texture.  I spray this before I use my FHI platform 1 inch flat iron to make soft S formations, giving the hair a natural wave texture.  Then finish with a mist of Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray.  One of Andy’s fave product, he says “I love Wella’s Ocean Spritz to break up the texture.”

John Frieda Makeover in NYC

This week I traveled to NYC for the experience of a lifetime. Thursday I was on set all day for a John Frieda makeover video shoot. And not only was I on set, I was participating! I was one of the five bloggers selected for a personalized beauty and style makeover by John Frieda and Glam Stylists.

I got to meet and receive a hair color and cut consultation (behind the scenes and on camera) with the amazingly talented Mr. Harry Josh, John Frieda Celebrity Stylist. I also got styled by Nola, Fashion Editor at and India, Beauty Editor at Here is how the past few days played out…

Photo by Stef from

Wednesday was filled with shopping, manicures and finally our initial hair consultation with Harry. Elisa from, Heather from, Stef & Tyna from and I all met with Harry individually. First, I have to say, Harry’s enthusiasm and energy is so contagious. He asked us if we had any limitations to what we would do with our hair and I was so mesmerized by him I just said ‘I’ll do anything!’

Photo by Stef from

He talked to the other girls about the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour they should use and how he wanted his team to cut their hair. When he got to me, he decided he wanted to keep my highlights the same, and wanted to focus on adding some shine back to my hair along with a new cut.

Thursday morning we all met at the salon at 7am to start production. After the camera crew set up and a lot of coffee, we started filming our before shots and consultations with Harry. The other girls also filmed themselves applying the Precision Foam Color to their hair, to demonstrate how easy the application process is.

My segment focused on fixing my dull hair. Having highlights, styling every day and well water has really taken a toll on my hair. Harry decided to use John Frieda Clear Shine on me, which is a glazing treatment that adds shine and smoothness to hair. As for the cut…he was thinking Edie Sedgwick inspired…and the stylists got to work!

After washing my hair with the Full Repair line to help with dryness, Blake, Harry’s assistant, applied Clear Shine from roots to ends and let it sit for 5 minutes. After rinsing Clear Shine out Blake started cutting. I made sure to pay good attention to how he dried my hair so I could easily do it again myself. He explained how to get a dramatic side part (new to me) and how to use a smaller round brush to get ends straighter, avoiding a flat iron.

After I was cut and styled, it was time to get my make up done. India worked with the makeup artist, Nam Vo, to create a mod Edie Segdwick inspired look for me. Black out eyes, long lashes, shiny nude lips and a beauty mark completed my face.

Next was wardrobe. The fall fashion trend I was chosen to represent was ‘Lace’ – yes please! Nola picked out a black lace dress for me, along with ridiculously high (and sexy) suede turquoise heels for a pop of color. I had to do a couple laps around the salon in the heels just to make sure I could get around okay in them.

Makeover complete! The Clear Shine made a world of difference to my hair. When I returned home I had people ask me if they colored it because the color looked so much healthier and shiny. I want to say thank you to Harry Josh and his team of talented stylists and to the Glam team for making us all look fabulous!

Me and Harry Josh

Precision Foam Colour is the first ever premium permanent home hair colour from the John Frieda® Hair Care Experts that uses foam technology to deliver a luxurious at-home colouring experience. Demand gorgeous, salon-quality results -- 100% grey coverage and vibrant shine. With 20 flattering shades to choose from, achieving natural-looking hair colour perfection is in your hands.

The product reviewed in this post was provided gratis by the John Frieda® Hair Care team. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the John Frieda® Hair Care team.

Zero Frizz Review

During my trip to Florida 2 weeks ago, the weather was on the brink of turning really sticky. The day I left there was such much humidity my skin felt damp just walking outside! I made sure to pack Zero Frizz Corrective Serum in my bag so I could put it to the ultimate test of Florida humidity.

I use Zero Frizz all the time here in Michigan, but it's also very dry here right now, so I couldn't put it's frizz taming capabilities to the test.

I used it every morning while in Florida and was super happy with the results. Not only did it keep the frizz at bay but it made my hair look really smooth after blow drying. I used it by itself on a few days, and then mixed with a moisturizing leave-in condition on another day. Both times my hair stayed frizz free.

Zero Frizz has UV protectants, vitamins and proteins that help to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. A little goes along way, and at $4.64 a pop, you're going to get a great big bang for your buck! You can find Zero Frizz at local Walmart.

The UV protectants, vitamins and proteins strengthen hair and prevent breakage. v

Find Your Best Hair Color
Find Your Best Hair Color

Take this quiz to find your ideal hair color for your skin tone

Find Your Best Hair Color

This is a hair care article

Celebrity colorist Beth Minardi helps you find the most flattering hair color to enhance your skin tone.

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Giveaway Break - got2b Fat-tastic line

I've reviewed several different got2b products in the past. They remind me a lot of Tigi & Bedhead hair products, but half the price. The newest line for got2b is Fat-tastic, collagen-infused hair styling products. These products are meant to make your hair fuller, not flat, think Snooki style!

I've been using the thickening non-aerosol hairspray and love it. It's been really humid here in Michigan, and this spray has been keeping my hair in check, and helps it to not lose its fullness through the day.

Here's a rundown of the line:

got2b fat-tastic root boosting spray goes straight to the root of the problem. Get plump from root to tip with this instant collagen-infusion. ($5.99)

got2b fat-tastic thickening pumping mousse is formulated with an enhanced collagen-infused blend that adds elasticity for overall strong, lush hair. ($5.99)

got2b fat-tastic thickening non-aerosol hairspray promises to lock in fat-tastically, lush styles with it's lightweight collagen-infused formula and long-lasting, secure hold. ($5.99)


Enter to win the complete full line of got2b Fat-tastic!

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True/False Hair Quiz
True/False Hair Quiz

Take this quiz to separate the hair care and styling facts from fiction

True/False Hair Quiz

This is a hair care article

Let's be honest here, we've all had some bad hair days, months and maybe even years. This quiz has the answers to keep you on the good-hair-day track … for good.

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Giveaway Break - Tonic Hair Care Products

Tonic offers haircare that's all about sun, surf and style. Here's some highlights on some of their products:

All in one hair care solution for the active waterman looking to get rid of a little extra baggage (and salt). It's' a high performance shampoo, conditioner and body was in one convenient bottle.
$12 8oz bottle

A leave-in conditioning mist with powerful UV-inhibitors and natural botanical oils designed to protect hair from the damaging effects of sun, salt, wind and chlorine.
$14 8oz bottle

The Chronic
This is a shampoo and conditioning system that is a potent formulation of superior plant-infused ingredients created to cleanse and fortify weather beaten hair.
$14 8oz bottle


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Gypsy Chic Hair by Bertrand

For a recent photo shoot, Jessica opted out of her Melrose Place character’s good girl image for a sexy, messy, yet sophisticated look that L.A. based stylist Bertrand (of Tracey Mattingly Agency) coined as “gypsy chic”. Ready to be a gypsy queen yourself? Read on for his tips on how to get the look.

Gypsy Chic How-To:

  • I began by prepping her hair with David Babbai’s Bohemian Beach for Wildaid, to give the hair texture and the windblown-like piecey-ness and fly-aways.
  • Next, I rolled the hair in a little bun on the bottom of her neck and let it dry. This gives the hair a bouncy, loose wave.
  • Then, once the hair was dry, I unwrapped it and put some René Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo in my hands and rubbed the roots with my palm in a circular movement to create a teasing effect. I repeated this all around her head, and then brushed out some pieces while leaving others more wild.

Ursula Stephen, Celebrity Stylist

At the 2009 Women of the Year hosted by Glamour Magazine, Rihanna’s truly looked stunning from head to toe.

Ursula Stephen, Motions Celebrity Stylist, created Rihanna’s flawless hairstyle. Ursula proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create flawless looks and that you can take an edgy cut and make it glamorous! Follow these simple steps to achieve Rihanna’s stunning style:

1. Straighten hair using a flatiron, smoothing each section towards the right side of the head.

2. Using a medium barrel curling iron, gently curl the front section of the hair away from the face, creating a sexy, old Hollywood-wave.

3. Apply Motions Light Hold Working Spritz to hold the look through the night.

Alterna at LA Fashion Week

Alterna created the recent hairstyles for fashion designer Kevan Hall at LA Fashion Week. Designed exclusively to complement Hall’s vintage-inspired designs, Alterna created modern-day beehives using Alterna’s CAVIAR Working Hair Spry and HEMP with Organics Spray Shine.

Here are the steps to recreate the modern-day beehive seen at the show:

1. Mount volume-enhancing mousse, such as Alterna’s Life Solutions Volumizing Spray Mousse, into damp hair from root to tips.

2. Blowdry hair straight with a round brush.

3. Backcomb the hair to achieve tons of volume and height on the top of the head, while keeping the sides of the head smooth and sleek

4. Secure the hair into a bun in the back of the head with pins

5. Smooth the top layer of the hair to gently shape the look, combing hair over the bun and securing with a pin, to give a smooth beehive style.

6. Finish with a flexible hair spray, like Alterna’s CAVIAR Working Hair Spray, and shine spray, like HEMP with Organics Spray Shine, for intense shine.

Dwight Eubanks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Reality-TV hairstylist from the hit "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" TV show-- Dwight Eubanks-- recently shared some of his style secrets on a segment of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired on September 9. Inviting Ellen and her audience into his Purple Door Salon in Atlanta, Ga. Dwight highlighted his must-have Design Essentials products to keep his high-profile clientele ready for their close-ups.

Chief among Dwight's recommendations for products to help obtain camera-ready hair are D
esign Essentials' shine boosting selections, including Design Essentials Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner, Reflections Liquid Shine and Formations Styling Spritz to name a few. Design Essentials products help Dwight do everything from restoring his client's dry and damaged hair to maximizing shine without weighing the hair down. Photos below show the divine, reality-TV sensation in action!

Even Jamell McDowell, co-owner of Purple Door Salon is a fan of Design Essentials. Here, Dwight Eubanks applies Reflections Liquid Shine to Jamell's chic do for a luminous, healthy-looking finish.

Design Essentials Botanical Oils is not only ideal for hot oil hair treatments, but it is also a great body moisturizer as discovered by Mr. Eubanks.

Dwight Eubanks uses Design Essentials Diamonds Oil Sheen Spray to give his hair a fabulous shine.

Giveaway Break - Charles Worthington London

Side swept hair is in right now. Channel back to the early 90's swept your hair aside. Celebrities are pulling off this carefree look and so can you.

To mimic this look (at a fraction of the cost), prep hair with Charles Worthington London BIG HAIR Texturizing Salt Spray to intensify and draw out natural waves and patters. Then use BIG HAIR Full Volume Uplifting Mousse to amplify natural movement with incredible shine that also prevents static without flaking. Polish the ends of your hair with a shot of BIG HAIR Full Volume Ultrafine Hairspray to smooth away flyaways.


Enter to win Charles Worthington London BIG HAIR products! Salt Spray, Full Volume Uplifting Mousse and Full Volume Ultrafine Hairspray...all used to create the perfect side sweep!

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Backstage with Avon - Get the Look!

Get the hot look that Avon hair stylist Allen Ruiz created for the Charlotte Ronson Spring 2010 New York Fashion Week show.

The inspiration for the look was a remake of 80's style. Allen created the fresh, young wispy look, that mirrors Charlotte Ronson's collection, and the look gives off the "just walked out of dance class at Julliard" vibe.

Allen loves the look because he says,
"Spring is all about wearing your hair up and away from your face. Radiate confidence and positive energy by styling your bun so it looks finished, yet slightly disheveled. Wearing your hair up in a bun creates a youthful, fresh look that is easy-to-achieve!"

Step 1: Prep the hair from root to tip with Advance Techniques Salon Volume Finishing Spray to enhance natural shine and create volume.

Step 2
: Using the Advance Techniques Paddle Brush and hair dryer, distribute the Advance Techniques Salon Volume Finishing Spray by sectioning off the hair and blow-drying to ensure that there is a natural, soft texture.

Step 3
: Next, gather the hair tight to form a ponytail at the back crown of the head and secure with a ponytail holder keeping all sides flat.

Step 4
: Holding hair at the base of the ponytail, twist the hair firmly in one direction to form a kink in to a spiral. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 5
: On the sides, using the little hairs “muse” the wispy hairs to play up the natural texture.

Step 6: Lightly spray Advance Techniques Hair Spray to complete the style and hold in place.

All products mentioned can be found at

Get Red Carpet Hair for Under $15

For the premiere of the movie "Extract" Mila Kunis was looking quite stunning. Her laid back look was created by Mara Roszak, TRESemme Celebrity Stylist, created this look for under $15! Learn how to get red carpet hair without breaking the bank...

1. Apply TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse on damp hair from roots to ends. Rough dry hair until it is completely dry, parting hair slightly more to one side.

2. Use a 1” curling iron all over the head, rotating the direction of the waves. Spray each section with TRESemmé Frizz Shield Finishing Spray, and tousle waves with fingers.

3. Pull hair into a low pony towards the opposite side of the part, securing with an elastic. Twist into a loose bun, and secure with criss-crossed bobby pins.

4. Leave soft pieces around the face and around the bun, keeping one side cleaner with fewer loose pieces. Finish by misting TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray for a long lasting look.

Get the Low, Sleek Ponytail Look

Check out the look from the Christian Siriano show. The low sleek ponytail is in! Antoinette Beeders, VP Global Creative Director for Aveda was the hair lead for this show. For all of you lovely long haired ladies out there, here's how to get this look:

Step 1: Create a deep side part. Draw a horseshoe-shaped section of hair along the top of the head, from each brow-line. Isolate this section of hair and pin in place with a single-pronged hair clip.

Step 2: Pull the bottom half of hair into a ponytail and secure with a bungee elastic. Divide ponytail into sections with fingers and spray with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray for workable hold.

Step 3: Use a flat iron to straighten the ponytail section by section, creating a smooth, sleek finish.

Step 4: Unclip the top section of hair and comb it back and over the ponytail. Sprinkle Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion and massage into hair to create volume and matte, rough texture.

Step 5: Working with the same top section, divide hair into smaller pieces and spray with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray. Wrap each piece of hair around a ceramic Curl Rod, creating spirals, until the entire top section of hair has been curled.

Step 6:
Brush through spirals, loosening curls into soft waves. Loosely backcomb waves to create fullness, volume and texture, and shorten the length of hair.

Step 7: Pin the sides and ends of wavy hair against the head, close to the base of the ponytail. Hair is sculpted into a voluminous, undulating chignon adorning the ponytail.

Step 8: Work Aveda Light Elements Texturizing Creme into palms. Smooth hair along the sides of the head and above the ears to create a sleekness and shine.

Step 9:
Finish the look with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray for shine and hold.

Giveaway Break - Citré Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

I'm loving Citre Shine for adding shine to my hair and for taming my frizz. It reminds me of S Factor Dream Drops, but a lot less in price. You can usually find Dream Drops for around $19.95, and Citre Shine retails at $6.99 at any drug or food store.

I add a pea size amount to my hands and rub them together. I apply it to my blow dried, straightened hair, to give it shine and to protect it from frizz. It doesn't really have a smell to it, and a little goes a long way.


Enter to win Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum!

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This giveaway is open to US residents only. The contest will end on Monday, October 12th. I will randomly be selecting 2 winners and announcing them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good Luck!

Hair Tips from Antonio Prieto

Check out the following hair tips from famed hair expert Antonio Prieto of Antonio Prieto Salon.

From dry to oily, thick to fine…Being able to determine your hair type (dry, normal, or oily) and density (how much hair covers the head) can be a little complicated.

With this easy “ponytail test”, you can find out density with just one easy twist of the hair! With an average hair elastic, put your hair in a ponytail and count how many times it wraps around your hair:

• 1 time is thick
• 2 – 3 times is medium
• 3 or more times is fine

After determining your hair type, it’s time to take care of it! A dirty scalp and hair shaft is not conducive to supporting hair health, therefore shampooing is important. However, it’s equally important not to overuse shampoo due to the ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; it tends to be strong, causing the hair to be stripped, dried out, and damaged.

If your hair is…
• Dry: Dry hair should be shampooed every other day. Using a lighter conditioner will allow you to keep your hair from getting oily, letting that shampoo bottle take a bit of a rest. This goes for chemically altered or color treated hair as well.

• Normal: Normal hair can be shampooed every day, or every two days depending on the circumstances surrounding the hair.

• Oily: Oily hair should be shampooed according to how oily the hair is, however every day is usually necessary. If you notice your hair is oily even when it is washed every day, it might be necessary to contact a dermatologist since oily hair comes from a scalp function.

Hair Break - Antonio Prieto Launches DIY DVD Series

Antonio Prieto has a flair for creating sophisticated yet simple hair styles that have earned him a loyal following. Now, you can take his style secrets home with you.

Prieto’s philosophy is that your hair style doesn’t end when you leave the salon; in fact, it just begins. To help you recreate his signature style at home, he has launched a new collection of DVD’s with easy to follow guides for styling your hair.

The first of this series, “Modern Waves,” is a step-by-step tool to help you create stylish, easy waves without a trip to the salon. It includes a list of the products and tools you will need along with the proper way to utilize them.

Upcoming releases in the DVD series include “The 5-Pin Up-Do” and “The 1 Week Blow-dry.” All DVD’s are available exclusively at Antonio Prieto Salon for $45.

Total Beauty Break - Getting All Done Up for Prom?
Celebrity Updo Pics

17 new ways to wear your long hair up

Updos are always in, whether they're sleek and polished or purposefully messy. Get inspired with new ways to twist, pin and pony by the adorable updos on these celebs.

See updos