Lipgloss Break: alterna
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What's in my Beach Bag? Alterna Bamboo Beach Collection

alterna bamboo beachIt's always a bummer coming out of the lake or pool with tangled, ratty hair. I always try to keep a large comb and hair products in my bag in case I don't have time to shower and blow dry my hair after swimming. Most recently, I've been keeping Alterna's Beach Bamboo collection in my beach bag to help tame my hair after a day on the lake.

After I'm done swimming, I'll spray my hair with Alterna Bamboo Beach Sun Recovery spray and comb through with a large tooth comb. Once my tangles are out I'll spray on Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves spray and scrunch my hair with my hands. Voila, beachy waves!

Both products smell amazing. Light scent of coconut and a little fruitiness. The Summer Ocean Waves spray is really light and doesn't make your waves super 'crunchy' like some curl enhancers do. Both products are free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic colors.

You can find Alterna's Bamboo Beach line on their site, &

Have you rocked the 'beachy waves' look this yet this summer? What was in your beach bag this past weekend?

Alterna at LA Fashion Week

Alterna created the recent hairstyles for fashion designer Kevan Hall at LA Fashion Week. Designed exclusively to complement Hall’s vintage-inspired designs, Alterna created modern-day beehives using Alterna’s CAVIAR Working Hair Spry and HEMP with Organics Spray Shine.

Here are the steps to recreate the modern-day beehive seen at the show:

1. Mount volume-enhancing mousse, such as Alterna’s Life Solutions Volumizing Spray Mousse, into damp hair from root to tips.

2. Blowdry hair straight with a round brush.

3. Backcomb the hair to achieve tons of volume and height on the top of the head, while keeping the sides of the head smooth and sleek

4. Secure the hair into a bun in the back of the head with pins

5. Smooth the top layer of the hair to gently shape the look, combing hair over the bun and securing with a pin, to give a smooth beehive style.

6. Finish with a flexible hair spray, like Alterna’s CAVIAR Working Hair Spray, and shine spray, like HEMP with Organics Spray Shine, for intense shine.