Lipgloss Break: Hair Tips from Antonio Prieto
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Hair Tips from Antonio Prieto

Check out the following hair tips from famed hair expert Antonio Prieto of Antonio Prieto Salon.

From dry to oily, thick to fine…Being able to determine your hair type (dry, normal, or oily) and density (how much hair covers the head) can be a little complicated.

With this easy “ponytail test”, you can find out density with just one easy twist of the hair! With an average hair elastic, put your hair in a ponytail and count how many times it wraps around your hair:

• 1 time is thick
• 2 – 3 times is medium
• 3 or more times is fine

After determining your hair type, it’s time to take care of it! A dirty scalp and hair shaft is not conducive to supporting hair health, therefore shampooing is important. However, it’s equally important not to overuse shampoo due to the ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; it tends to be strong, causing the hair to be stripped, dried out, and damaged.

If your hair is…
• Dry: Dry hair should be shampooed every other day. Using a lighter conditioner will allow you to keep your hair from getting oily, letting that shampoo bottle take a bit of a rest. This goes for chemically altered or color treated hair as well.

• Normal: Normal hair can be shampooed every day, or every two days depending on the circumstances surrounding the hair.

• Oily: Oily hair should be shampooed according to how oily the hair is, however every day is usually necessary. If you notice your hair is oily even when it is washed every day, it might be necessary to contact a dermatologist since oily hair comes from a scalp function.

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