Lipgloss Break: Party Break - Hosting a Party?
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Party Break - Hosting a Party?

Now that Summer is in full swing, people are throwing BBQs left and right, having guests at their, and entertaining around the clock. Below are some great hostess tips from cleaning and home expert Thelma Meyer!

The inspiration behind the brand Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Thelma Meyer is an Iowa mother of nine that knows a thing or two about throwing a party and getting your house ready for the big event. As you know, she recently wrote the book, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home: No-Nonsense Advice That Will Inspire You to Clean Like the Dickens, sharing her secrets with everyone!

Some of Thelma’s top entertaining tips, include:

* To Keep Your Floor Free of Scuff Marks: With all those feet in and out, your sure to be left with some scuff marks. A quick spot is easy enough to remove—rub the mark with a little paste floor wax and steel wool, let dry, then buff. Gone in a flash.

* Getting colored wine, juice and sangria out of furniture: After a few cocktails, there’s always the chance for a spill! Dilute a teaspoon of mild detergent in a cup of lukewarm water and blot. Then mix up one part white vinegar with two parts water, and blot, then sponge off.

* Cleaning Outdoor Cushions: A winter in storage can leave your cushions a little dusty. Just use a scrub brush and some mild soap, let the cushions dry thoroughly so mold doesn’t’ form.

* Getting Outdoor Furniture Ready For Summer: Plastic isn’t always the most durable option so its good to give it a little extra protection. Wipe car wax on plastic to prevent stains. For regular cleaning, apply a solution of water and dishwashing liquid with a soft-bristle brush.

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