Lipgloss Break: Makeup Break - L'Oreal Paris HIP Pigments
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Makeup Break - L'Oreal Paris HIP Pigments

I recently got to try L'Oreal Paris HIP Pigments and loved the gloss and shadows (HIP stands for 'high intensity pigments').

The Color Presso gloss is fabulous. It contains to different tubes of gloss in one. I tried 'Swanky' which contains a champagne and pink. You can wear one or the other, or both at the same time, depending on which tube you squeeze. Bonus: the gloss smells great!
The shadows are great and last a long time. I love purple shadows, and 'Dashing' was the perfect addition to my collection.
One thing to stay away from in this collection is the Kohl eyeliner. It initially went on really smooth and I was impressed at first, but then it started flaking...bad. I had black specs all around my eyes and this went on throughout the day!

1 comment:

  1. I love the shadow duo! Thank you for bringing my attention to this product...