Lipgloss Break: kettlebells
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adidas Routine Refresh - Keep your Body Guessing

Now that the weather is getting colder in Michigan I have to bring all of my workouts inside. Bundling up in layers and going out for a winter run is not appealing to me. I rather get a good sweat on indoors!

As you know from other posts of mine, I LOVE kettlebells. I discovered kettlebells about 4 years ago and haven’t turned back since. It only took me 28 years to find a sport that I love! Year round, I mix in cardio, circuit training and weight lifting with my ketttlebell workouts. I like to keep my body guessing as to what kind of workout it’s going to get. This can also be referred to as ‘muscle confusion,’ which basically means to constantly change up your workout routine so that your muscles are always exposed to a new stimulus (as defined on 

I not only like to keep my body guessing, but it’s also fun to switch it up! Here are a few example workouts….

Circuit training
The gym my husband and I belong to, Funk Fitness, has circuit training classes a few times a week. A workout usually consists of body weight movements, kettlebells, TRX, ropes and big tires. We usually spend about 20-40 seconds on each move, with a 10 second rest, and then repeat 4-8 times (depending on how many stations there are and how many people show up). It’s a ton of fun, and a great way to incorporate new moves into your workout.
I’m currently training for a competition (Worlds Kettlebell Competition) and I’m less than a month away! My workouts right now consist of competition training, using my competition size bell (16kg) to do long cardio sets and a heavier bell to build strength.

Indoor cycling
I’m certified through my work, so I can only teach spin to my coworkers. This is the best cardio…for me. I can’t run for hours like some people can, and quite frankly, I think running is boring on a treadmill! I put together fun, fast paced classes to energizing music to keep everyone up beat and wanting to push themselves. I usually put together a 45 minutes series of sprints, climbs, rolling hills and jump drills to crazy up beat music.

I also belong to a regular gym with your typical cardio machines, free weights and weight machines. Sometimes a girl just needs to do deadlifts and squats with a squat rack! 

I also switch up my gear depending on which workout I'll be doing. Tanks, capris and shorts are pretty standard. But if doing a competition workout for kettlebells, I also like short sleeve tees, like the adidas tee I have on in the above picture. The sleeves protect my arms so the kettlebell doesn't hit my biceps during my clean (kettlebell move!), and make my arm red. This shirt also wicks away sweat, keeping me cool. 

I'd like to encourage everyone to try a new workout with the changing seasons. Not only will you keep your muscles guessing, but you never know, you may find a new life changing workout too. 

Have you tried a new workout lately? If so, please share in the comments below. I'd love to hear about it!

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by adidas via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of adidas.

Kettlebell Love

Tomorrow is a big day. I'm taking a full day kettlebell certification class through the International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation (IKFF). It only took 28 years to find a sport I am passionate about. These iron bells have pushed me past what I thought was my limit and have made me a mentally and physically stronger woman!

Here are my essentials for a kick butt kettlebell workout:
 - A kettlebell! Start off light if you're new. I originally started with an 18lb bell, then 2 years later competed with a 12kg (26lbs) bell, and now I'm competing with a 16kg (35lb) bell. Took me 3 years to work up to the 16kg.
 - My Lululemon headband does a great job keeping my hair off of my face, especially during kettlebell swings.
 - is not only quality and functional workout gear, but also super cute. I just ordered the shorts below. And every time I wear my Ellie Peek a Boo top people go crazy over it!
 - Wristbands provide cushion for your wrists. Helps when you clean and jerk the bell!
 - I love my Under Armour shoes for lifting.

Once I have my certification I will be posting more kettlebell workouts here. Stay tuned and please let me know if you've ever used kettlebells before!

Kettlebell workout

Yoga + Kettlebells = Cosmic Kettlebells

kettlebellsMy kettlebell coach had once told me that Minneapolis has a huge kettlebell following, so when I was there last year, I attended a local kettlebell studio, Southside Kettlebells, and had a blast. So when I was in town last week, I wanted to try out a new studio. I came across Four Gates in my searches and decided to check out a class called Cosmic Kettlebells.

Cosmic Kcttlebells is a combination of vinyasa yoga and kettlebells. Here's the description on the site:

"The word “yoga” means “to integrate” or “union”, and this definition is very well exemplified in this one of a kind class. We merge sun salutations, kettlebell lifts, Qi Gong exercises, and full body hooping to create a state of cosmic bliss and universal strength. We recommend that students attend one kettlebell expansion class first."

I was really curious how the class was going to flow. I was pleasantly surprised at the balance between yoga and kettlebells. I got a great cardio workout in while stretching and meditating in the same hour.

It was American style kettlebell moves which I'm not totally use to, but caught on quick. We picked up our bells from the squat position to start each kettlebell circuit, and then once the circuit was over we did traditional yoga moves.

I was really sore the next day from all of the stretching and deep squats. I will definitely be taking the class again when I visit Minneapolis again. I highly encourage checking out a new class or gym when traveling for work or pleasure. Every class is different and it's always fun to learn and try something new!


And on a separate note, to end my trip, I swung by the Mall of America before I caught my flight, and guess which store was right by my entrance??? Fate!

Beautiful Change Challenge #5 - Get Physical!


The challenge for this week could almost be considered a lifestyle change for some people. The challenge: exercise. I’m talking about committing to being active and exercise at least 30 minutes 4-5 times a week.

I know this is hard. If you work full time and/or have kids, I know it’s hard to find the time. But this should be worked into your ‘me’ time, and whether you hit the gym up at lunch or work in a quick video before the kids get up, it’s important for your health and will make you feel better!

If you find yourself in an exercise rut, you may need to try something new to peak your interest and get you excited about working out and feeling good.

This happened to me. Last year, February 2011, I came across a local gym that offered kettlebell training and decided to check it out. So I show up to this class, by myself, not knowing anyone, and I fall in LOVE. It’s been over a year now that I’ve been going to kettlebell classes (for those of you in Michigan, it’s Fast Fitness Kettlebell) and I’m training for my first kettlebell competition in May! Not only that, but my husband goes to class with me on the weekends, and we've met some really cool people!
Here are some pointers to help get you started…
  • Start a workout journal. Moleskin has a great exercise journal that I use. Keep track of how you feel after a good work out, or better yet, how you feel when you miss a workout. Flip back to these pages when you find yourself needing motivation to go to the gym
  • Put your goals in writing (in ink!). And don’t forget to reward yourself when you hit your milestones.
  • Buy a monthly membership or punch card so you’ll stay committed.
  • Can't afford a gym membership? = not an excuse for not working out. There are 100s of sites and YouTube channels committed to bringing you kick butt at home work outs. Check out, happens to be my favorite one, that offers quick 20-30 minutes videos to knock out in the morning and then be done with your workout for the day!
  • Added bonus: Joining a new class or gym is a great way to make new friends! 
Do you have an exercise class you are committed to or favorite gym workout? Please share!

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