Lipgloss Break: yoga
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lucy #childspose Campaign

Who's ready for Christmas?? I have a few more easy presents to buy and then I'll be finished with my shopping! Between work, holiday parties and gatherings and traveling through the snow storms in MI, I'm ready for Christmas Eve to be here!

To help get you through the holiday and into the New Year, Lucy, the women's active wear brand, started a fun campaign centered around yoga's child's pose. They have produced a short film (directed by the talented Elizabeth Banks!) that features a series of stressful situations that every women can relate to. When faced with these situation, Lucy encourages you to get into the child's pose to relax. Check out the video and animated gifs here!

If I have to go to the mall before Christmas Eve, you may find me in child's pose outside of Sephora! Where would you most likely be found in child's pose? Please share in my comments below, FB and Twitter, using the tag #childspose.

Yoga + Kettlebells = Cosmic Kettlebells

kettlebellsMy kettlebell coach had once told me that Minneapolis has a huge kettlebell following, so when I was there last year, I attended a local kettlebell studio, Southside Kettlebells, and had a blast. So when I was in town last week, I wanted to try out a new studio. I came across Four Gates in my searches and decided to check out a class called Cosmic Kettlebells.

Cosmic Kcttlebells is a combination of vinyasa yoga and kettlebells. Here's the description on the site:

"The word “yoga” means “to integrate” or “union”, and this definition is very well exemplified in this one of a kind class. We merge sun salutations, kettlebell lifts, Qi Gong exercises, and full body hooping to create a state of cosmic bliss and universal strength. We recommend that students attend one kettlebell expansion class first."

I was really curious how the class was going to flow. I was pleasantly surprised at the balance between yoga and kettlebells. I got a great cardio workout in while stretching and meditating in the same hour.

It was American style kettlebell moves which I'm not totally use to, but caught on quick. We picked up our bells from the squat position to start each kettlebell circuit, and then once the circuit was over we did traditional yoga moves.

I was really sore the next day from all of the stretching and deep squats. I will definitely be taking the class again when I visit Minneapolis again. I highly encourage checking out a new class or gym when traveling for work or pleasure. Every class is different and it's always fun to learn and try something new!


And on a separate note, to end my trip, I swung by the Mall of America before I caught my flight, and guess which store was right by my entrance??? Fate!

Giveaway Break - Pulse Yoga DVD

What is Pulse Yoga?
A basic yoga routine that introduces the Pulse concept of micro movements within a posture. Key areas such as abdominal, lower back and gluteous muscles are targeted. Alternating right/left pulse movements with free weights define and sculpt the upper body.

  • Apply the use of free weights in novel ways to basic yoga postures
  • Strengthen and tone key areas such as the abdominals, lower back, upper arms and gluteus.
  • Teach core awareness
  • Stretch chronically tight areas such as the hamstrings and hip flexors

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