Lipgloss Break: VDay Lipstick Tips from AJ Crimson
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VDay Lipstick Tips from AJ Crimson

Beauty expert AJ Crimson has a few makeup tips to share: 'How to find the perfect red lipstick for your skin tone' and 'How to make your lipstick last longer,' for your Valentine's Day night out. Check out his tips!

How To Find The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone:

"If you think you can't wear red lipstick, think again. Anyone can pull off a red lip including an extra special one for Valentine's Day.

But first thing first, what's your right shade? Lets break it all down, we have to start off by figuring out what works well with your complexion. It's all about choosing the right shade. If you're of a lighter or pale skin tone, you should stick with tones such as scarlet red or rose tones. If you have a medium complexion, try to go a little brighter with a torch red, or even a ruby red lipstick. For a darker skin tone, you might want to go with a more medium tone because you can pull off darker reds. You should stay in the range of brick reds and burgundy tones, as well as cranberry."

How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer:

"Ok, now here's where the real fun begins! It's time for the lipstick application. A great tip on applying red lipstick and making it last, as well as creates a pouty lip, is to exfoliate your lips prior to applying the lipstick and using a good lip conditioner. An easy way to exfoliate is to use a sugar scrub, which you can actually make yourself. The reason for exfoliating is because dry cracked lips are a definite "DONT" for Valentine's Day. After exfoliating, apply a moisturizing lip balm. Then you want to apply a concealer to the lip to even out the skin tone and to create a base. This also helps to insure that the intensity of the lipstick will be even on the top and bottom lips. You should then apply a lip liner, similar to the shade of lipstick you are using, this will give off the illusion of a plumper pouty lip. The liner will also prevent the lipstick from feathering or smearing. Lastly, apply the lipstick using a lip brush. This will help you smooth over any creases in the lip while using less product."

"Stick with these tips and you'll have that perfect kissable lip you were looking for on Valentine's Day!" - AJ Crimson

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