Lipgloss Break: Get Ready for Girls' Night Out!
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Get Ready for Girls' Night Out!

Going out this weekend? I am, along with 10 of my best girlfriends. Tonight is the Dove Visibly Smooth Girls Night Out - a 'Black Top Affair'! I'll post more about the event later. To prep for your weekend of fun, check out the words of wisdom from Lilliana and expert extraordinaire.

Fashion and Style expert Lilliana Vazquez has devoted her life to helping women look fabulous within the framework of their own figure, budget and lifestyle. As the founder of the CheapChica’sGuide and the fashion expert on NBC 10 News Philadelphia, she is a strong believer that women don’t have to compromise those once-in-a-blue moon, purely selfish and unreasonable indulgences simply because they are out of budget.

What are your top tips for how women should dress for a Girls’ Night Out?

When it’s time to pick an outfit for your GNO (Girls’ Night Out), forget the jeans and go for something flirty and feminine. This is your chance to buy that cute mini or party dress you’ve been eyeing up!

Remember that the key to a successful look is all about balance. If you’re wearing a super short skirt, throw a blazer over your top or if your dress has daring hemlines, add textured tights for a look that’s sexy, yet sophisticated!

What is your beauty essential for a night out?

Getting gorgeous for your GNO is all part of the fun! After you’re done styling your hair and applying your make-up, don’t forget an essential step in the beauty prep process, deodorant! Dove Visibly Smooth will keep you fresh, dry and stubble free for longer while you dance the night away with your girlfriends and it won’t leave any trace of white stains on your new outfit!

What should be packed in your purse?

With limited real estate in your clutch, here are the items you shouldn’t leave home with out:

Flip Camera—to capture all the fun you’ll be having on your GNO

Lip Gloss— sheer pink lip gloss looks good on everyone so you can share it with your girlfriends

Oil Blotting Papers—forgo bulky powder compacts for these ultra-thin sheets instead

Breath mints—tiny mints that pack a big punch are best

For more ideas on what to wear for your next GNO go to—where you’ll find the best in frugal fashion, celebrity looks for less and online shopping deals that you can't find anywhere else.

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