Lipgloss Break: What's in my Beach Bag? - Volume V
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What's in my Beach Bag? - Volume V

I want these in my beach bag! Havaianas Glow in the Dark flip flops are perfect for summer nights - I will never lose my flippy floppies in the dark again! $28

In my efforts to avoid sun damage, sunburn and wrinkles, I've been trying to load up on sunscreen religiously. But what's summer without some color? I finally found a self tanner that doesn't smell like metal! Xen Tan smells delicious, and stays smelling delicious, throughout the day. The Transform formula shows color almost immediately and goes on pretty even. It's a daily moisturizer with the most advanced gradual tanner on the market. I have minor streaks here and there, but I think that it's impossible to be totally even with self tanner.

As always, exfoliate before applying and wash your hands after application!

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  1. I don't use self tanner since I am naturally tan, but I hear that spray-on self tanners go on more evenly. Maybe you should try some of those :)