Lipgloss Break: Nail Break - Kiss EverLasting Nail Kits
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Nail Break - Kiss EverLasting Nail Kits

PowerPoint PresentationSave money on salon manicures, and keep nails looking summer ready with at-home nail kits. Kiss Products, the leader in artificial nail kits, just launched the super-thin and easy-to-remove EverLasting Nail Kits. Kiss sold 15 million nail kits in the US in 2008, and with the current trend in DIY beauty, Kiss are seeing a doubling of sales up from last year already.

For every wedding or formal event I have attended in the past year, I have used these nails. I’m a mani/pedi girl, but a French manicure on my natural nails doesn’t usually last more than one day. Kiss nails usually stay on me for about 4 days. They are so easy to put on, and you can’t beat the flawless look!

Top 6 reasons to invest in a set of these nails!


The new Kiss nails can be filed down with a regular nail file to a preferred length or shape, just a like a natural nail. Or just leave them as they come in the box, they are fashionably square shaped.


Kiss’ new EverLasting French nails help prevent nail biting. Wear these nails for a few weeks, and watch natural nails grow underneath.


These new French nails can be removed easily with pure acetone without any damage to the natural nail. Kiss offer a remover kit to make it even easier.


New technology guarantees that these new French nails won’t break or chip like a regular manicure and lasts much longer.


At $5.99 a box, Kiss kits save money in the long run. Customers savings can cover cell phone bills for nearly a year!


Do the test! See if friends can tell they are not real? It’s not those tacky 80’s nails anymore!

Go out and by some! Make sure to read the application tips below from Michele Pierno, Product Development at Kiss Products - she gives us the inside scoop on super easy application and removal!

  1. Find your sizes first, and then place aside in sequence. (So you won’t be fumbling through the tray with nails on!)
  2. Always start with dominant hand first. If you are right-handed, apply nails to your right hand first. (This way, you won’t feel awkward when applying to left hand, not only with hand you do not normally use, but with nails on will feel even more challenging.)
  3. Applying to pinky first, then ring, then middle… is best. (Just like the pro’s do!)
  4. Use enough glue! Have some cotton swabs handy for quick easy clean-up. Apply glue to artificial nail and natural nail to avoid air pockets.
  5. Slowly lower artificial nail onto natural nail at an angle using the cuticle as your pivot point, then lightly press down. Any excess glue will then seep outward under nail’s free edge which is easier to clean and remove than if spilling out at cuticle or sides. Clean excess with cotton swab immediately.

Proper removal is the key to preventing damage to the natural nail (which is the biggest fear amongst artificial nail “non-wearers”!) For the fastest removal, we recommend using Kiss All or One Artificial Nail Remover Kit. However, you may also use pure acetone, or an acetone-based polish remover to safely remove artificial nails.

  1. Start by trimming the length of artificial nails.
  2. Use a low grit, slightly rougher nail file to lightly scratch the surface of the artificial nail thereby breaking the protective seal.
  3. For either fingers or toes, pour into a small glass bowl with enough remover to fully submerge all nails.
  4. Soak fingernails in remover until glue and plastic have melted off completely.


  1. Thanks for this great post, really usefull as the removal process is always tricky. I love the Kiss nails, I've benn wearing them for a few months now and no-one can tell they are fake. I file mine down a bit, and they look so natural and the best thing is they last for over a week. Thanks Kiss and Lipgloss Break!

  2. I love Kiss Nails! A lot of my friends ask me where I get my nails done because they look so natural and last long!

  3. I love Kiss nails. I wear them all the time and everyone thinks I live at the nail salon. They look like they've been done professionally, but don't cost as much....and they stay on !!!!

  4. These nails have saved me hundreds of dollars! I love them and will never see the inside of a nail salon again!

  5. I get "Are those real?" alot.
    That's how I know Kiss nails are the best.
    If they have to ask, they're not sure.

  6. Thank you for this contest. I would love to wear these nails.

  7. I have tried every company nail products on the market and they ALL chip, with the exception of Kiss Nails. They are fabulous. They say you are supposed to changet them every week, but mine will stay on for two weeks...sometimes I need to change one or two. This is such a great product, but my area drug stores are always out of them. That's why I was looking to buy them online. I do love these nails.

    Karen at Healthy Life Advisors

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  9. Everything about the Kiss nails is better than a Salon manicure. It's cheaper. It's faster. I have had Salon manicure begin to chip the same day that I got it. The Kiss nails have never chipped and if one happens to pop off you can immediately replace it. The kit comes with extra nails, more than enough glue and pretty effective nail file and a cuticle stick thing. I get these nails whenever I want to do something that will immediately make me feel better about myself.