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Hyper Luxe Weekend Roundup

Beauty Junkies Unite reviews InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straightener.

Check out Beauty Sweet Spot's, Jeannine Morris, on an NBC segment and enter the Huge Lips Skinny Hips contest to win a trip to NYC for two filled with sexy activities

Check out Best Things in Beauty for a Laura Geller Giveaway Contest.

Why did Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash disappoint Blaq Vixen Beauty?

Claire's Beauty falls in love with KenzoAmour EDT Florale.

Denim Debutante reviews Aritzia Boutique.

Fab Over Forty takes an indepth look at neuLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum.

Fabuless Beauty tells you how to try Physicians Formula cosmetics for FREE.

Glamour Whore dares you to be bold with red hot makeup looks.

If you're looking for a great primer, choose Avox Magix. Gouldylox Reviews loved it.

Hot Beauty Health shares with its readers a britbeauty brand, Illamasqua and it's coming to Sephora.

The Informed Makeup Maven reviews primers, foundations and beauty powders this week and gives away an Avene tinted compact for summer.

Krasey Beauty shares her night of beauty, twitter, and a lovely evening of girl power in NYC.

Visit Lipgloss Break to Enter to win LashFood Mascara and Go Green with a Baggu Bag!

Obsession Confessions of Glamour and Love has the scoop on the Janrah Boutique Sip and Shop Event in Seattle, WA.

The Style and Beauty Doctor is obsessed with nail trends. Take a look at her current fascinations.

Su Ferreira has a great FOTD makeup tutorial.

Unfunded's opinion is heard in the LA vs. NYC fashion debate on 39th and Broadway.

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Facebook Break - Amazon Beauty's Fan Page

Jump on the Facebook bandwagon and become a fan of Amazon Beauty's Fan Page. They will be holding giveaways and contests soon so make sure to sign up!

Here's my review on Amazon Beauty's Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner!

Total Beauty Break
Create a Tousled, Beachy Hairstyle on Short Hair

Follow these easy steps to turn blah hair into a sexy, lived in style

Eli Thomas, owner of Thomas Chance Hairdressing in Santa Monica, Calif. shows you how to transform a sleek bob into a more playful, tousled look (a la Ginnifer Goodwin, Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston). All you need are a few key items and you're set!

See how-to

Giveaway Break - Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Collection


Enter to win the perfect hostess gift: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Collection! It includes Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home Book, Clean Day Soap and Clean Day Candle.

To enter the contest, fill out the form below. For extra entries, you can sign up for my mailing list, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, follow my blog, or follow me on Twitter, just make sure to list the extra entries in the 'Extra Entries?' field below.

This giveaway is open to US & Canadian residents. The contest will end on Monday, August 17th. I will randomly select a winner and announce them on Lipgloss Break, so keep checking to see if you're a winner - Good

Party Break - Hosting a Party?

Now that Summer is in full swing, people are throwing BBQs left and right, having guests at their, and entertaining around the clock. Below are some great hostess tips from cleaning and home expert Thelma Meyer!

The inspiration behind the brand Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Thelma Meyer is an Iowa mother of nine that knows a thing or two about throwing a party and getting your house ready for the big event. As you know, she recently wrote the book, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home: No-Nonsense Advice That Will Inspire You to Clean Like the Dickens, sharing her secrets with everyone!

Some of Thelma’s top entertaining tips, include:

* To Keep Your Floor Free of Scuff Marks: With all those feet in and out, your sure to be left with some scuff marks. A quick spot is easy enough to remove—rub the mark with a little paste floor wax and steel wool, let dry, then buff. Gone in a flash.

* Getting colored wine, juice and sangria out of furniture: After a few cocktails, there’s always the chance for a spill! Dilute a teaspoon of mild detergent in a cup of lukewarm water and blot. Then mix up one part white vinegar with two parts water, and blot, then sponge off.

* Cleaning Outdoor Cushions: A winter in storage can leave your cushions a little dusty. Just use a scrub brush and some mild soap, let the cushions dry thoroughly so mold doesn’t’ form.

* Getting Outdoor Furniture Ready For Summer: Plastic isn’t always the most durable option so its good to give it a little extra protection. Wipe car wax on plastic to prevent stains. For regular cleaning, apply a solution of water and dishwashing liquid with a soft-bristle brush.

Entertainment Break - One Woman One Million

One woman's journey to earning One Million Dollars in one year! April Morris President of Express Effects, Inc. and creator of THINgloss is on a mission to prove that you can thrive in the middle of a recession. This reality show is an authentic and revealing journal of what life is like for one courageous entrepreneur in this challenging economy.

Watch the 1st episode on

Makeup Break - L'Oreal Paris HIP Pigments

I recently got to try L'Oreal Paris HIP Pigments and loved the gloss and shadows (HIP stands for 'high intensity pigments').

The Color Presso gloss is fabulous. It contains to different tubes of gloss in one. I tried 'Swanky' which contains a champagne and pink. You can wear one or the other, or both at the same time, depending on which tube you squeeze. Bonus: the gloss smells great!
The shadows are great and last a long time. I love purple shadows, and 'Dashing' was the perfect addition to my collection.
One thing to stay away from in this collection is the Kohl eyeliner. It initially went on really smooth and I was impressed at first, but then it started flaking...bad. I had black specs all around my eyes and this went on throughout the day!

Hair Break - No Frizz Free Sample

No Frizz, the amazing frizz solution that has become one of the hottest launches of the year, is adding shampoo and conditioners to its line of frizz-fighting products. Sephora stores across the country will be decked out in honor of No Frizz from July 16th through August 6th. While you’re there, stay for a consultation and snag a free sample of the new shampoo and conditioner (supplies are extremely limited so don’t wait).

Hair Break - White Sands Porosity

If you color or bleach your hair like I do, you'll understand how dry it can get. My hair gets really dry, especially from the well water at my house, so it's a constant struggle to keep my hair looking healthy. I've had the chance to try Porosity and really liked the way it made my hair look and feel after styling.

Porosity works like a foundation or a concealer to temporarily fill the blemishes in every strand and create the impression of illuminating, flawless hair. It has multiple usages, so refer to the pro formulas for chemical and salon services.

Porosity is categorized as a 'treatment' on the White Sands websites, but I use it before and after styling and it gives my hair a healthy shine. I use about 8-10 sprays in my hand and run it through my hair (I have pretty short hair so I don't need a lot). I make sure to comb my hair after apply to evenly distribute it. After drying, I use it as a gloss to add some shine to my hair and to tame my fly-aways and frizz. I love this spray, especially to use after it rains and there's a lot of humidity in the air.

Total Beauty Break
Solve Beauty Bummers with Deep Cleaning Tricks

Issues like acne and body odor are no match for these sneaky scrubbing tactics

These basic steps will help you solve your biggest confidence busters, ensuring your pores remain clear, your body smells fresh and you feel totally clean and gorgeous from head to toe.

See tricks