Lipgloss Break: Best Eyeshadow Primers
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Best Eyeshadow Primers

In my opinion, eyeshadow primer is a must when applying makeup. I can't get through a day of work, even in an air conditioned office, without my eyeshadow creasing. Here are my favorite primers that save me from the dreaded crease....

I'm totally obsessed with Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper. If you work all day or night, or you're going out for a night out, you're going to want to ensure your makeup stays put, including your eyeshadow. I hate when it creases up! Lime Crime's Eyeshadow Helper works insanely well. I purchased this last summer while in NYC and my eyeshadow didn't move in 100 degree NYC subway heat!

I've had this for about 6 months so far and I still have over half of the product left. A little goes a long way. I only use a small amount on each eyelid, all the way up to my brow bone. Once applied, it dries very quickly in a neutral matte color. I would wear this even when I'm not planning on adding eyeshadow, to give me a more awake look. When I purchased this back in August, the packaging was a little Tiffany blue dome (pictured above). Since then, they changed their packaging into a squeeze tube (left). Although I haven't tried the new packaging, Lime Crime claims it's the same formula and you get 40% more. It retails at $16.99 and it's worth every cent.

Votre Vu Lingerie Pour Les Yeux is another favorite of mine. I don't use this as a primer if I'm applying shadow, only as a shadow replacement. I use this more for when I'm running out the door somewhere, without time to put on makeup, and I sweep it over my eyes to make me look more awake. It visibly helps minimize lines too (not permanently, just while it's on). I also like using it under my eyes to help conceal my dark circles. I usually use this when I roll out of bed for an early AM workout. It comes in two different shades, light and medium. You can purchase this on It retails at $29.

Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion was the first ever primer I tried (thanks for recommending Justine!). It works well as a primer and by itself. Urban Decay has seen such success with this product that they created several other shades, some that even have a pop of color and can be worn alone. The only downside is the packaging. It's hard to tell how much you have left. It would be a crisis to be at the end of the tube and not have primer in the AM (half joking). It retails at $20.


What's your favorite eyeshadow primer? I'm always open to trying new ones!

 Note: This review includes products that I received as samples, provided by the brand company or a PR rep. Please click here for more information regarding my disclaimer.


  1. Stopping by from SITS! I saw your link and the first thing I thought of was Urban Decay...and alas, it was on your list! I love that stuff.

  2. i actually dont use an eyeshadow primer!! eeek! but i really want to invest in a good one - ive heard so much great things about urban decay! :)
    Im holding a GIVEAWAY over on my blog at the moment so you should definitely check it out!! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Heading over to check out your giveaway now!

  4. You've got mine covered. I love, love, love Urban Decay's shadow primer. I have the older versions, I guess? With the wands? I wonder if they still sell those.
    Much love from a fellow SITStah! ;)

    -- Christine

  5. Sounds like I ought to try the UD primer, based on the comments, lol :) I do like the idea of a little pot, though, and I've never tried Lime Crime makeup... Decisions, decisions, lol.

  6. Hi Liesl! UD primer is popular, but Lime Crime is a hidden gem!

  7. I love primer potion and Mally's Shadow Extend.

  8. Mine is Nars pro-prime although I did use Urban Decay primer potion for a few years and loved it.

  9. I've tried UD primer potion and liked it, but I also tried NYX's eyeshadow base as well and liked it more.