Lipgloss Break:
aboutbeautystylehealthtravelgiveawaysfacebookRSSgoogle plustwitterbloglovinpinterestemailinstagramhomeImage Map is a new social media site that focuses on helping women and men determine the right skincare products for their unique skin profile. Their mission is to provide you with the tools to help make better skin product decisions. Developed by 50 doctors and specialists, utilizes scientific principles and sophisticated algorithms to offer you an unbiased product recommendation that works best for YOU. Not sure which products work best for your different skin profile based on geographic location? Or how genetics play a role in which products work best for you? Visit and use the code 'lipgloss' to join for free!

The site is created by a world renowned bio-physicist, a leading plastic surgeon, two Harvard Business School classmates. It is supported by Harold Stolzenberg, CEO of La Prairie for 20 years; Geraldine Laybourne, who started Oxygen Media with Oprah Winfrey, stumbled across mySkin, used the recommended products out of curiosity and saw a visible difference in 2 weeks, amongst other leading figures. is a consumer’s dream come true as it finally ends all the wasted time at make-up counters and finds the perfect products for your skin from the plethora of products available across brands and retailers (from over 100,000 products across 4500 different skincare brands). They have partnered with leading cosmetologists and dermatologists to develop a scientific approach to making product choices and you'll see that their tools allow users to figure out products that work best for one's skin type, ethnic background, etc. The site is unbiased since we do not take any advertising from skincare manufacturers.

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