Lipgloss Break: LUSH Spring Goodies
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LUSH Spring Goodies

Not a fan of waking up before the sun does? Toss Up You Gets Emotibomb ($3.95) into the shower! As the warm water hits the emotibomb, the uplifting citrus aroma awakens the senses. Lemon essential oil creates a cheerful atmosphere of freshness and purity, helping to dispel mental fatigue. Your mornings will be more bearable, or dare we say it, enjoyable!
Calm your mind and your senses so you can feel at peace during these cold winter months with Therapy Massage Bar ($8.75). This 100% organic shea and cocoa butter bar increases circulation and warms muscles. The lavender plays a major role to ease senses, calm the nervous system and relieve stress.

After a chilly walk home in the snow, wrap yourself up in The Comforter Bubble Bar ($8.75). A hot bath of fruity, blackcurrant bubbles provides instant warmth and comfort inside and out. Formulated with bergamot, the uplifting essential oil calms nerves and is recommended for people suffering from S.A.D. – or those with regular winter blues.

Need something extra to keep spirits soaring as temperature rapidly falls? Just in time for the coldest season of the year, LUSH has brought back Happy 4 Sad ($25.95) as a Retro product! The ultra-violet colored shower gel is perfect for when the UV index is at zero. It contains neroli oil, an anti-depressant to help make it through the darkest of days. So lather up with this scent that will keep you smiling throughout the day.

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