Lipgloss Break: Curel Skin Advisor
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Curel Skin Advisor

Curel has launched a new interactive, online tool, the Skin Advisor, that offers skin analysis and provides advice on common skincare issues.

Below are a few quotes from Dr. Westley who partnered with Curel to create this tool.

  • “I partnered with Curel to create the Skin Advisor, an interactive tool on designed to help users identify and address skincare concerns like dryness, itching, allergies and eczema, to name a few. 10-20% of children have eczema, and many continue to suffer in adulthood. One of the most common complaints I see in my office is dry skin, itchiness and skin prone to rashes. People don’t know what regimen is right for their skin and many times parents are also confused what they should be using for their children’s skin.”

  • “I worked closely with Curel to develop a series of questions that recreate the experience of visiting the dermatologist’s office. When users answer the questions provided, the Skin Advisor generates a customized analysis of their skin concerns as well as lifestyle tips and Curel product recommendations to treat those concerns. The advisor is very detailed, asking questions about skin type and very specific questions about symptoms people experience, just like I ask my own patients. The analysis generated is also very detailed and gives very useful tips and recommendations for people to start treating their skin. There is also a helpful allergen guide that people can navigate if they suspect they may be allergic to something they are coming into contact with. It actually can help target a specific ingredient that they can look for on product labels.”

  • “Once consumers complete the Skin Advisor questionnaire, they can read more about the various skin issues covered at If users still have additional questions, they can submit those questions online and I will answer them personally and provide additional insight.”

  • “While serious skin conditions require a dermatologist’s attention, the Curel Skin Advisor offers an advanced skin analysis and provides valuable advice for people seeking relief from common skincare issues, putting the cure in Curel.”

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