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Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies

Have you smelled the new Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies scents? There are 5 scents: Love, G, Baby, Music, and Lil Angel. So far, Love is my favorite. It's amazing. It's sweet and softly scented. It's creamy vanilla orchid base comes through in this scent and totally makes it my favorite.

The packaging for these scents are collection worthy. Little Harajuku dolls top each one. It's almost like decor for your bathroom vanity.

The Snow Bunnies's also recently got a new home. It's a snowy winter wonderland featuring new Uki Games, where you can compete for Kawaii prizes! This site is very well done: interactive and super playful. Follow @HarajukuLover_G for insider tips and prizes.

Giveaway Break - Pulse Yoga DVD

What is Pulse Yoga?
A basic yoga routine that introduces the Pulse concept of micro movements within a posture. Key areas such as abdominal, lower back and gluteous muscles are targeted. Alternating right/left pulse movements with free weights define and sculpt the upper body.

  • Apply the use of free weights in novel ways to basic yoga postures
  • Strengthen and tone key areas such as the abdominals, lower back, upper arms and gluteus.
  • Teach core awareness
  • Stretch chronically tight areas such as the hamstrings and hip flexors

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Shopping Break - Sephora Friends & Family Sale

It's not often that Sephora has a sale like this. Sephora's Friends & Family 2009 Discount Sale starts today, and ends on November 2nd. Perfect for holiday shopping! Use code FF2009 at checkout!, Inc.

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Dwight Eubanks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Reality-TV hairstylist from the hit "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" TV show-- Dwight Eubanks-- recently shared some of his style secrets on a segment of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which aired on September 9. Inviting Ellen and her audience into his Purple Door Salon in Atlanta, Ga. Dwight highlighted his must-have Design Essentials products to keep his high-profile clientele ready for their close-ups.

Chief among Dwight's recommendations for products to help obtain camera-ready hair are D
esign Essentials' shine boosting selections, including Design Essentials Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner, Reflections Liquid Shine and Formations Styling Spritz to name a few. Design Essentials products help Dwight do everything from restoring his client's dry and damaged hair to maximizing shine without weighing the hair down. Photos below show the divine, reality-TV sensation in action!

Even Jamell McDowell, co-owner of Purple Door Salon is a fan of Design Essentials. Here, Dwight Eubanks applies Reflections Liquid Shine to Jamell's chic do for a luminous, healthy-looking finish.

Design Essentials Botanical Oils is not only ideal for hot oil hair treatments, but it is also a great body moisturizer as discovered by Mr. Eubanks.

Dwight Eubanks uses Design Essentials Diamonds Oil Sheen Spray to give his hair a fabulous shine.

Total Beauty Break
Top 11 Ways to Get Gorgeous in Minutes

Use these hairstyle and makeup tricks to shave precious time off your morning beauty routine

Who has an hour every morning to spend primping? Not us! Between jobs, kids, pets, workout routines, Facebook updates and significant others, there's never enough time to fit everything in. Here, we share expert tips for saving time on your hair and makeup routine -- now you won't have to sacrifice looking great for that daunting to-do list.

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Signature 23 Skincare by Suzanne Stonebarger

AVP beach volleyball player and professional makeup artist, Suzanne Stonebarger, today launched her Signature23 line of skincare products. Utilizing a proprietary blend of 23 botanicals, amino acids and antioxidants known as Complex23™, Signature23 skincare products can be used on all skin types, but are particularly useful in combating the moisture loss and environmental impact resulting from an active lifestyle. Signature23 products are currently available online only at

Consisting of seven products, Signature23 subscribes to Stonebarger’s personal philosophy of recognizing that lasting beauty comes from within—and that what you put on your skin goes directly into your body. In addition to Complex23, Signature23 skincare ingredients are chosen for their ability to enhance the cellular metabolism of the skin and improve the lipid-water balance. The line does not include the use of fragrance, parabens, dyes, or sodium lauryl sulphates.

“I have been involved in every step of the production of Signature23 and am excited that it addresses common issues faced by those who have an active lifestyle,” said Suzanne Stonebarger, founder, Signature23 skincare. “Moisture loss and environmental exposure are two of the greatest hazards faced by people who spend a great deal of time outdoors. Signature23 ingredients target these specific areas. It’s also great for mature skin which often suffers from the same issues. I’m confident that Signature23 will bring out the natural beauty of any skin.”

A unique component of each Signature23 product is the personalized quote or “signature” included on the packaging. Encapsulating the product’s purpose, the quotes are designed to give the user a unique view into the philosophy of the line—that is, the connection between the skin and the spirit. Current products include:

Vita C Elixir – “Live with confidence…Love who you are and laugh often”

Clear Skin Elixir - “Take a deep breath and find peace in your day”

Ageless Elixir – “Find eternal beauty from within…That will last a lifetime”

C-23 Lifestyle Day Cream – “Establish a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime”

Peptide Tissue Recovery Night Cream – “At the end of your day…never forget to relax…
recharge…for a more youthful complexion”

Crystal Microderm Exfoliating Treatment – “Enjoy the power and beauty of youthful skin”

Botanical Cleansing Gel – “Life is full of beauty…see it…feel it…love it…and embrace it”

Lucia Tristao Designs for a Cure

Accessory designer Lucia Tristao has been greatly affected by cancer, having lost her father and two aunts to the disease. Determined to help find a cure through her art, Lucia designed a headband subtly adorned with a pink ribbon and secured with a rhinestone band. Lucia will donate 20% of the proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness programs in the hopes of contributing to the cure. Lucia Tristao designs are sold exclusively at The Plaza Beauty by Warren-Tricomi.

On my recent visit to NY, I was at The Plaza and fell in love with Lucia Tristao's headbands and accessories. They are so Gossip Girl...I couldn't live without one. I've been hesitant to pick up on the headband trend because I have short hair and I didn't think it would look right.

I tried on Lucia Tristao's headbands at The Plaza and was surprised at how light they were. Normally headbands give me headaches because they are so tight and squeeze behind my ears, but these are super soft and gentle. They are loose, but not too loose that they don't hold your hair back.

The one I purchased is black and has a sequenced bow on it. I've worn it to work with a dress or out on the weekends with a tank and jeans. I will definitely be getting my use out of this. Next time, I think I'm going for an even bigger bow!

Total Beauty Break
Ditch Dark Circles and Puffiness for Good

Use these expert tips to treat and camouflage your annoying eye issues the right way

When eye cream or concealer alone won't do the trick, you may need to look into other options when it comes to treating and masking dark circles and puffiness. Whether they're a result of genetics or lack of sleep, too much sun or alcohol, these tricks -- courtesy of dermatologist Dr. Heidi Waldorf and New York City-based makeup artist Tina Turnbow -- will help you zap them for good, and disguise them like a pro until they're gone.

See tips Launches Health & Beauty announced yesterday that it has launced a wide assortment of personal care products online, including health and beauty items, diapers and over-the-counter medication, now available for home delivery at

Thousands of Walmart’s top-selling items from trusted, national brands like Neutrogena, Pampers, L’Oreal, Colgate, Pantene and Gillette have been added to’s online assortment. Customers now have the added convenience to shop online from the comfort and privacy of their homes, while saving on their favorite personal care products and more.

Examples of the new products added online for home delivery include: Beauty products (Maybelline NY, The Colossal Classic Volume Express Mascara, under $6), Diapers, Vitamins and Over-the-counter medicines.


To help celebrate this launch, Walmart is sponsoring a giveaway on Lipgloss Break! Enter to win a basket full of beauty goodies! The products are perfect for Fall and represent the new assortment on

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Haute Betts Liberation Bracelet

Haute Betts, the one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry line, has created the "Liberation" bracelet on behalf of the breast cancer month of October, to give women all over the world, a chance to aid and support mothers & daughters who are fighting to survive from breast cancer. This bracelet is made of precious pink shell circular beads to symbolize the never ending fight for "Action, Advocacy, and Awareness" in breast cancer. This bracelet is sold at participating stores and on Haute Betts will donate 35%of proceeds to The Young Survival Coalition.

This bracelet is even more beautiful in person! It's very detailed and unique. The pink bow is such a dainty touch and the coral-ish pink color is super girly. This bracelet looks good by itself or paired with additional ones.