Lipgloss Break: Signature 23 Skincare by Suzanne Stonebarger
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Signature 23 Skincare by Suzanne Stonebarger

AVP beach volleyball player and professional makeup artist, Suzanne Stonebarger, today launched her Signature23 line of skincare products. Utilizing a proprietary blend of 23 botanicals, amino acids and antioxidants known as Complex23™, Signature23 skincare products can be used on all skin types, but are particularly useful in combating the moisture loss and environmental impact resulting from an active lifestyle. Signature23 products are currently available online only at

Consisting of seven products, Signature23 subscribes to Stonebarger’s personal philosophy of recognizing that lasting beauty comes from within—and that what you put on your skin goes directly into your body. In addition to Complex23, Signature23 skincare ingredients are chosen for their ability to enhance the cellular metabolism of the skin and improve the lipid-water balance. The line does not include the use of fragrance, parabens, dyes, or sodium lauryl sulphates.

“I have been involved in every step of the production of Signature23 and am excited that it addresses common issues faced by those who have an active lifestyle,” said Suzanne Stonebarger, founder, Signature23 skincare. “Moisture loss and environmental exposure are two of the greatest hazards faced by people who spend a great deal of time outdoors. Signature23 ingredients target these specific areas. It’s also great for mature skin which often suffers from the same issues. I’m confident that Signature23 will bring out the natural beauty of any skin.”

A unique component of each Signature23 product is the personalized quote or “signature” included on the packaging. Encapsulating the product’s purpose, the quotes are designed to give the user a unique view into the philosophy of the line—that is, the connection between the skin and the spirit. Current products include:

Vita C Elixir – “Live with confidence…Love who you are and laugh often”

Clear Skin Elixir - “Take a deep breath and find peace in your day”

Ageless Elixir – “Find eternal beauty from within…That will last a lifetime”

C-23 Lifestyle Day Cream – “Establish a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime”

Peptide Tissue Recovery Night Cream – “At the end of your day…never forget to relax…
recharge…for a more youthful complexion”

Crystal Microderm Exfoliating Treatment – “Enjoy the power and beauty of youthful skin”

Botanical Cleansing Gel – “Life is full of beauty…see it…feel it…love it…and embrace it”

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