Lipgloss Break: travel approved
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Hamptons Bound

I've had nothing but fun so far in NYC. The shopping, eating and sightseeing has been amazing, but there is one thing I've been missing...the water! I know I'm surrounded by it here, but it's different. I miss the Michigan Lakes! I think Mike was missing it too. So we decided to go on a road trip to get an H2O fix. We were Hamptons bound...

Sunny-side up skillet
First stop, breakfast. Once we picked up our sweet Malibu rental car (ha!) we stopped at Thomas's Ham & Eggery Diner. SO GOOD. This place was rocking so we took a seat at the bar. Great service, food and prices. All egg dishes are served in a skillet (pictured) and fresh muffins baked daily. Loved this touch of home cooking to kick off our road trip.
'Be a cow tipper' was on their tip jar
Second stop was for lunch (only a few hours later from breakfast :) We stopped at the Townline BBQ restaurant. You order at the counter and they bring you your food, fast. Highly recommend the pulled BBQ chicken sandwich. 

Next stop, Napeague Beach. I swear this was a private beach we snuck on to. We parked of the high way and walked about .25 miles to the shore. We laid our towels down, covered ourselves in sunscreen, laid out until we couldn't stand the heat any longer, and then jumped into the water. Splashing in the waves reminded me of going to the Jersey Shore growing up. 

Next stop was a ridiculous cool roadside restaurant called the Clam Bar. Fresh seafood served daily. I've been on such a seafood kick lately! We had the grilled tuna and lobster salad. SO FRESH. You can't get lobster like that in Michigan. Next stop...Montauk!!! I HAD to visit Montauk for all of my Revenge junkies!

Montauk Lighthouse
Montauk is a cute little beach time that turns into a party town at night. It's on very end of Long Island is super narrow. Arenas and boats on each side. As soon as we stepped out of the car I smelled salt water and I loved it. 

After we indulged ourselves with Ben & Jerry's ice cream, we left Montauk to head home around 7pm and made it back to the Upper West Side in about 3 hours. It was an awesome trip to get a fix for some water fun, and to also see what the Hamptons hype was all about. Huge beautiful houses on the water, fun beachy restaurants with fresh seafood, and a fun flip flop-attire nightlife. I'd love to spend a weekend here again. Mike and I decided that it reminded us a lot of Up North Michigan, except 10 times more expensive to live...I think I'll stick with the Michigan Lakes for my water fix.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad

I'm a self tanning queen, especially in the summer. I don't like to bake in the sun (no wrinkles please!) so I like to use a self tanner to give myself some color in the summer.

I just tried Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pad and loved the color it gave me. It's a large towel that covers your whole body. The towel has little scrubbers in it so it acts like an exfoliator for a smooth application. Right after I applied the towel to my skin I followed up with an unscented lotion, to help ensure an even application (and for extra moisturizing!). 
I applied the towel at night, waited about 10 minutes before getting dressed, put on dark loose clothing, and then went to bed. I woke up the next morning looking like I just got back from the Caribbean! I saw my mom that day, who can appreciate a good self tan job, and she said 'oh my goodness, you are TAN!' I went over my legs and arms twice with the towel, which makes me think my tan came out even darker than normal. I did have one streak on my leg (my fault), which I fixed by scrubbing with a damp wash cloth. 
I love this type of packaging for traveling. They fit nicely in a makeup bag and you don't have to worry about these leaking in your luggage and the carry on liquid rule.

Glow Pads retail at $48 for a box of 8 pads. Definitely worth the splurge if you want a tan for a special event or vacation, or while you are traveling.