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New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

I had trouble sleeping last night because I was so excited for this morning. I'm flying into NYC today for Fashion Week! Last year was my first year attending and it was a ton of fun, but extremely intense. I had great NYC blogger friends (shout out to the Collective!) who gave me advice and tips, but it was still a really hectic week!
Me at Daily lounge during NYFW '12

This year I feel much more prepared, but I'm sure it will be just as much of a whirlwind as it was last year. If you'll be in town for your first Fashion Week in NYC, here are my tips to you (paying it forward!):
  • Stay organized by adding all of your shows to Google Calendar or some kind of calendar that will send you reminders. Sync this with your phone so you have it handy at all times. Make sure to add physical and email addresses into the invite details.
  • Leave yourself time to get in between shows. Basically, don't overbook yourself! Map out the shows on a map if they're not all in Lincoln Center to make sure you have enough time to get from one to the other.
  • There is a lot of pressure to wear horribly uncomfortable shoes to look good...if you must, pack comfortable ones in your purse to switch out in between shows.
  • Bring band aids for blisters. There's a lot of walking to be done!
  • Pack your make up for touch ups. It's going to be a warm weekend and you may work up a sweat getting between shows. You always want to be camera ready when at shows.
  • Gift bags and swag are great, but remember that you will have to carry these bags around all keep this in mind and only take what you truly want. 
  • Bring snacks!
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 
  • Fashion show etiquette: If you RSVP for a party or show, go! If you can't make it, email your contact and let them know. Chances are, there are several people on a waiting list, wanting to attend.
If you can't make it to NYC but want to stay up to date with shows, trends and the behind the scene action, check out the following....

Bargain Boutique Hotel in NYC

This past weekend my husband and I spent some time in our old NYC neighborhood, the Upper West Side. I miss the city life…a lot! The weather was unreal this past weekend. High 50s in mid-January? I’ll take it!

We stayed at On the Avenue New York Hotel on the Upper West Side. This is hotel is a BARGAIN for NYC. It’s cute boutique hotel, located at W 77th & Broadway. It’s tucked away in a corner and doesn’t stand out. We paid an average of $80/night at this hotel for a Friday-Sunday stay...unreal for NYC!

The rooms were clean, service was friendly, and they have all the standard amenities (shampoo, conditioner, soaps, lotions, hair dryer, coffee, etc.). They have wireless internet in the rooms but you have to pay for it. There is also a small workout room with a few treadmills, elliptical, weight bench and hand weights.

If you want to do NYC on the cheap, I highly recommend this hotel. I know the Upper West Side isn’t in the center of the action, but at this hotel, you are only a few subway stops from being downtown.

Some of our favorite spots on the Upper West Side:
Edgar's Cafe, Amsterdam & W 92nd - Favorite spot for breakfast after a good weekend workout. Jerry Stiller is also a fan of this restaurant (love letter from him framed on the wall!)
Mermaid Inn, Amsterdam & W 88th St. - Great brunch, steak & eggs recommended by my hubby
Good Enough to Eat, Amsterdam & W 83rd St. - Long line, but worth the wait. Creative breakfasts you won't find anywhere else
Pomodoro, Columbus & W 71st - Welcoming Italian restaurant. You feel like family when you're there!
The Dead Poet, Amsterdam & W 82nd - Love this bar, owned by Michigan natives. Total mixed bag on any night, from college students to UWS locals. I recommend the whiskey flight...enough for 2 to share!

An NYC 'Blowout' at the Robert Stuart Salon

I’ve been in New York City for about 2 weeks now and I’m slowly learning how to live like a real New Yorker. I’ve taken the subway every day to work, I’ve met up with friends on a week night (gasp!) for a drink, and spent time in Central Park over the weekend.

On the beauty front, I found a neighborhood nail salon that has a manicure and pedicure package for super cheap (cheaper than in Michigan!). I got a mani/pedi on Sunday and it was well deserved based on all of the walking I have been doing!

Another thing that is very big city-esque is a hair ‘blow dry’ or ‘blow out.’ Women go to salons here just to get their hair blown dry by a professional hair stylist. And yes, it does make a difference! Before a big event or work travel, ladies will make an appointment for a blow out so the don’t have to wash and style their hair.

I had the privilege of getting a blow dry at the Robert Stuart Salon on the Upper West side (82nd and Columbus). The salon was celebrating their 29th birthday and had quite the crew out. Several clients and employees were chatting over food, desserts and champagne when I arrived. I was quickly greeted and taken around the salon by Brandon, who is an assistant at the salon.

Robert Stuart and me
After putting on my Robert Stuart royal purple cape to protect my clothing, Brandon got me situated at the shampoo bowl. This was hands down, the best-shampoo-EVER. He must have spent about 10 minutes massaging my scalp with Shu Eumero shampoo and conditioner. I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed. Brandon told me that everyone who gets a haircut or blow out gets this type of shampoo. He explained that since the shampoo is the customer’s first interaction with the salon, it’s important to make it relaxing. Well, job well done.

After my shampoo I sat down in Tran’s chair. Tran is newer to the salon, coming from Atlanta. She didn’t add too much product to my hair before starting to blow dry. She tackled my hair piece by piece, with a huge round brush. The result, a sleek, but full of body, blow dry.

After sleeping on my hair I only had a small touch up to make before I left to catch my plane at LGA. I can see why ladies on the go in NYC get blow outs. It’s relaxing, saves you time in the morning, and looks great. I would recommend The Robert Stuart salon. Friendly staff and atmosphere, and the shampoos are something to write home about.

Note: This review includes products and/or services that I received as a sample or for free, provided by the brand company or a PR rep. Please click here for more information regarding my disclaimer.

Home on the Upper West Side

Well, I made it to the city with my 2 suitcases (one weighing 50+lbs) and a laptop bag. It also helped that Mike surprised me at the airport to help me out :).

I'm discovering quickly that the Upper West Side is just my style. The picture to the right is in front of our building. Walking distance from our studio on 89th and West End are 3 grocery stores, a nail salon at every corner, and great restaurants and bars. It's super family friendly, kids are running around everywhere!

As soon as I got in we tried Hi-Life Cafe for a late breakfast. Their omelets were delicious, and the starter bread basket was even better. They give each table mini muffins and cinnamon toast with strawberry butter - irresistible.

We were so busy exploring we totally forgot to eat lunch! For dinner we did NY style Perfecto Pizza. Mike can normally eat a large himself and the both of us didn't even put a dent into a large round pizza here.

5 things I've learned so far in NYC:
1 - The subway system. I'm still getting use to which trains are express trains, but for the most part, I can navigate them
2 - Iced coffee is the new black
3 - You have to be a creative thinker when it comes to utilizing space. I miss my bathroom counters!
4 - The rude NYC stereotype is not true. Someone came up to me and Mike yesterday while we were looking at our phones and asked us if needed help finding something (we must have really looked touristy!).
5 - Keep your eyes peeled at all times for celebrities. I crossed paths yesterday with Dr. MacNamara from Nip/Tuck *lovey sigh*