Lipgloss Break: gelac
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Gelac vs. Shellac

Many of you know that I'm totally obsessed with CND Shellac. I've done many posts displaying the different colors in the line and demonstrating how chip-resistant it is. CND just released new colors, and my friend Tina and I were super excited about them! The problem is: they are sold out. Shellac is such a hit in the industry and a growing trend, CND can't keep up with the orders.

So, feeling a little let down and limited by color options, my friend Tina, who also does my Shellac manicures, found IBD's Gelac. Gelac is described just like Shellac, as the 14-day manicure. The difference is there are a TON of Gelac colors! Gelac needs to be cured just like Shellac, and has one extra step, which is the 'prep' step.We 'held back' and only purchased 3 colors to start with, Pink Wink, Rosy Future and Black Licorice. Tina did my nails in Pink Wink on Sunday (pictured), which is really really light and would be nice with a french manicure. Sometimes I like the really light ones because it's easier to camouflage new growth. It's a very natural, clean look. It's holding up well, but we still have 11 more days to go!

Has anyone tried Gelac yet? If so, please leave a comment and let me know what you thought! I'll keep everyone updated on my experience, and let you know if its a good substitution for Shellac, or at least when you want to experience more colors!