Lipgloss Break: 10 Uses for my Essential Oils
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10 Uses for my Essential Oils

I recently started using Young Living Essential Oils and I'm really enjoying experimenting with the different oils and blends. Here are my top 10 uses for essential oils and oil blends (so far!):

1 - Lavender in baby boy's bath
2 - Lavender in baby boy's humidifier
3 - Eucalyptus in humidifier when stuffy
4 - Lemon oil in dishwasher to help get rid of water spots
5 - Diffusing Lavender and Stress Away at night to help relax me after a stressful day at work
6 - Diffusing peppermint during the day to help energize 
7 - Diffusing Citrus Fresh in kitchen to freshen it up
8 - Fennel oil to help with nursing
9 - Using all sorts of oils for DIY bath products, such as lotions and shower fizzies (bath product recipes coming soon!)
10 - Diffusing Purification in my kitchen after cooking, to help freshen the room

All the oils I listed above + several others come in the Young Living Essential Oils premium starter kit. The starter kit also comes with a diffuser and samples of oils (ideally to share with friends). It really is the best deal if you want to start experimenting...

There are SO many uses for oils. I love the smells and relaxing effect of using them. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have on Young Living Oils. Please tweet at me or comment below! If you're interested in purchasing the starter kit or oils, please use my distributor ID #2360032!

Do you use oils? If so, which are your favorite and what do you use them for?

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