Lipgloss Break: CND Shellac Manicure in Romantique
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CND Shellac Manicure in Romantique

My best girlfriend Tina gave me an at-home Shellac manicure last night. After 25 minutes, and a bottle of wine (!), my nails were painted with a base, 2 color, and a top coat, and out the door dry!

Romanitque is a soft pink that will go with basically any outfit and accessories. It could also be used for a stand-out french manicure base.

I highly suggest trying a Shellac manicure out for your next event or maintenance manicure. Check out CND's website to find the location nearest you! I paid $25 for my last Shellac manicure, but I've heard of salons charging up to $40 (and up to $80 in NYC). I would suggest calling around for the best price in your area.

I'd love to hear your experience with Shellac...comment below!


  1. I've been meaning to have this done. I have a salon near me and i think its £15 which is not bad, i would love to know how long it lasts on you x

  2. HI Nicoletta - My last Shellac manicure lasted over 14 was amazing. No chips, smudges or breaks. Try it out!
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Pretty nail polish, I really like the color. I've heard it will last longer than a week. I hope I can try using this soon.

  4. they're easy enough to do yourself!