Lipgloss Break: CND Shellac nail polish
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CND Shellac nail polish

Shellac in Tutti Frutti - Day 1

Have you heard of Shellac yet? Creative Nail Design (CND) came out with Shellac polishes, which cure under a UV light and are suppose to stay chip/smudge free for up to 2 weeks!

I've been dying to try this out. Lack of planning, had me calling around Saturday morning trying to find a salon near me that had an open appointment. I ended up at Studio 103 which is an adorable salon in Howell, MI. Nicole did my nails and they turned out flawless. Between each coat (base, 2 color coats and a top coat) my nails went under a UV light, just like gel nails, but with polish.

I was out the door dry (in 30 minutes!) and confident that I wasn't going to smudge them. Apparently the polish only comes off with acetone. No backfills, no fill ins, you just remove the polish with acetone when they grow out and you're good to go. No damage done to nails! It wasn't a full manicure, but included filing, cuticle care, buffing and polish, all for $25. This will be more than worth the price if this stays on for 2 weeks.

I mainly wanted them done for my the wedding I had the next day, on the 4th of July. The true test is if they last for 14 days. I'll keep posting pictures along the way. Let's see if it lasts!


  1. That's a very pretty color. Nope, never heard of that polish

  2. I've heard about this. I'll be curious to know how long it lasts. Keep us informed, and the colour is really cute!

  3. I've seen this advertised at one of my local salons. I really want to know if it works. Glad you tried it first. You are our martyr.

  4. I am actually a nail tech and I use Shellac all the time! Women are no longer getting regular polish on their nails. it really does work and stays on chip free for at least 2 weeks. i had a client come in the other day and her shellac was over a month old with no chips. all u saw was the regrowth at the bottom of her nail. its the best thing out there and actually we ran out of it at my salon and cant find it anywhere. its a hot item! try it!

  5. I tried this polish at the recommendation of my salon. It was beautiful for 5 weeks! Boy, was I trilled. Until....I tried to remove it. I could not remove it no matter how much over the counter remover I tried. I went to the salon and asked for them to remove it for me. I then I had to soak my nails in pure acetone for 5 minutes and then have them scrape off the residue. I chose polish over acrylic nails because I was trying to rebuild the strength in my natural nails. No one ever mentioned that it would take so much effort to get it off when I was ready. Would I have still used it? Probably so but it would have been nice to know the effort it was going to take to get it off. If you you are trying to rebuild your natural nails, I would not use it. If you want excellent value for the money can't find anything like it.

  6. You are completely right, you do have to soak your nails in acetone for removal. I usually put on a good TV show, soak them for about 5-7 minutes and it comes off easily with a wooden stick. Make sure you don't peel it offs, thats what causes damages!