Lipgloss Break: Make a Wish with Brazilets
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Make a Wish with Brazilets

I love these bracelets called Brazilets. Brazilets stem from a 200 year-old tradition from mystical Bahia, Brazil, and these are bracelets are worn throughout Latin America. Wrap a Brazilet around your wrist, and tie it in three knots, making a wish with each knot. When your bracelet naturally breaks off, your wishes come true!

I passed these out to my close family members about one month ago and we all still have ours on. They are definitely a conversation piece. On the wish front, after passing the bracelets out and tying them on, we all knew we had the same wish in mind, and it had come true before we even lost our bracelets.

It's not that I fully believe that you can just wish for something and it will come true, but it was the fact that my family and I all put them on together, and we all wished the same thing. That being said, when you buy one for a friend, make sure you buy one for yourself as well, and then the bracelets will remind you of each other.

Brazilets make a great graduation gift to give to friends and family, and a great 'going away' gift to give to first year college students. A good friend of mine (and coworker) is relocating to our San Francisco office. I plan on giving her one to start her new journey off right...with 3 wishes.

You can purchase Brazilets online at their website, They are $5 a piece, and 20% of all proceeds go towards 'Plant a Billion Trees' which is dedicated to planting one billion trees in the Atlantic Forest - the most endangered forest in Brazil.

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