Lipgloss Break: Hair Styling Break - Keeping Hair Healthy & Safe
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Hair Styling Break - Keeping Hair Healthy & Safe

As my dedicated readers know, I'm on an assignment for work in Hyderabad, India. It averages to be about 106 degrees here in April/May, in a dry heat. Although I prefer dry heat over humidity, it still does a number on my hair.

Keeping it soft...
I've been using Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque about 1-2 times a week to help keep my hair looking soft and smooth. I apply it at night and comb it through my hair. It's smells like a spa and doesn't leave my pillow feeling greasy.

Keeping it tame...
I have naturally wavy hair, but not soft, stylish beach waves, more like frizzy tidal waves! One step out into the heat and the top of my hair frizzes up on cue. Luckily, I received Umi hair products before I left decided to pack them....thank goodness. Umi d Fuse has been a lifesaver. I run three little drops of this through my hair before blowing it dry , and it keeps my hair frizz free all day. It's super light and doesn't weigh my hair down. I sometimes rub a drop or two on my hands, and loosely run it through my hair after styling for added protection.

Keeping it safe...
If I know I'll be out sight-seeing and in the sun, I'll use Umi S Liquid before styling. This product is an aloe styling lotion that contains sunscreen for protection from the hot Indian sun.

Keeping it blond...
My next challenge is the iron content in the's turning my blond highlights orange! I did some Google research and ordered Malibu treatments and shampoo for my hair. The only problem is, it takes forever to ship to India, so I haven't received them yet. Does anyone else have any suggestions that I can try in the meantime, besides the obvious, not washing my hair!

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