Lipgloss Break: devacurl
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Go Curly

I have naturally wavy hair, so as I've stated before, it takes a lot in the morning to blow it dry straight, and then use a flat iron to get the ends straight and smooth. Once in awhile, I like to give my hair break, more frequently, about once a week, I wear it curly.

I don't have naturally fun curly hair. I have frizzy waves! And it's short, so it's hard for it not look like Bozo when wearing it crunchy curly. I've tried several different mouses and gels to help get my waves to curl and to keep away frizz. Here are a few that I like:

They specialize in what I need! I've tried almost all the products in the DevaCurl line love them. If it works for my wavy hair, it will definitely work for those of you with actual curl.

My favorite from DevaCurl is AnGEL. I use it to crunch my hair after it's been in a towel for about 10 minutes and it doesn't weigh down my hair.

The Deva Fuser is crazy looking and works great! It's a giant diffuser hand! I was afraid my hair was going to get caught in it at first, but it in and out of my hair very easily.

The Tousle Me Softly line is pretty nice. Not only does it smell delicious, it holds my hairs' curls throughout the day. I like the Spray Gel for crunching my hair when it's wet. Once it dries, it doesn't leave it with the shiny, crusty look like most gels do. This gel dries naturally and keeps it's hold.

Contest Break - Deva Curly Girl Challenge

DevaCurl, your premiere curly hair experts, are teaming up with, the leading online community for curlies, for a marriage made in curly girl heaven...The Deva Curly Girl Challenge!

This first-ever curlfest contest invites the female hair population (12 years and older) to "do the Deva 3-Step" and then write a paragraph about what they learned and how it changed their hair. The Deva 3-Step consists of:
1 - Cleansing wtih DevaCurl No-Poo cleanser.
2 - Hydrate with DevaCurl One Condition.
3 - Style with DevaCurl AnGEL.

The lucky grand prize winner will win a trip to NYC for a 2-night stay and one day of total beauty at the Devachan Salon and Departure Lounge. The original curly girl herself, Deva co-founder Lorraine Massey, will tend to the winner's tresses - as part of a photo shoot for Lorraine's new book on curly hair. Two lucky runners-up will also be featured in the book and will win $200 worth of DevaCurl products.

This challenge will run April 1, 2009 - May 31, 2009 exclusively on Be one of the first 50 to entries and you will receive a signature "Are you Straight or Curly?" Deva Curly t-shirt! Good Luck!