Lipgloss Break: college football
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Tailgating Season

Well it's that time of year again....the weather is getting cooler, fall clothing fills the racks, and it's college football season!

As I've gotten older my tailgating 'tastes' have evolved, but nonetheless, I can still throw a great tailgate! Here are some some tips for food, logistics and of course, fashion....
  • Go early to get a good spot! At the University of Michigan, you wanted to be on the one of the golf courses. This is where the parties were at! 
  • Start your day off with caffeine, drink coffee! I'd go to Tim Horton's and get one of the big carafes of coffee. It was always a crowd pleaser. Feel free to top with Kahlua. 
  • Libations! Jello shots are also a lot of fun, especially when in your team's colors.
  • Tailgating games: corn hole, flip cup, beer pong
  • Costco is your best friend. Buy things in bulk to save money. In my experience, tailgates tend to blend together so you may end up feeding your tailgating neighbors.
  • If you want to keep it simple buy sub sandwiches. Easy to eat and always a crowd pleaser. 
  • Buy lots of water, especially for after the game.
  • Always wear your team's colors. Don't be one of those girls who gets all dressed up with no team colors.
  • Comfortable shoes are key. 
  • Check the stadium's website beforehand to see if you can bring in a purse. U of M doesn't allow you to, so I have to be strategic about which lip balm and gloss I'm taking with me into the stadium...only so much room in my pockets!
  • Wear sunscreen and bring extra for friends.
  • Don't forget your sunglasses! 
University of Michigan football fashion

Tailgating NYC Style

You know what's better than the University of Michigan football team beating Michigan State? Watching the game with a bunch of State fans :) We sold our tickets to this game since we'd be in NYC, and opted to watch the game from the Ainsworth Park bar in NYC. This is considered a 'Michigan' bar and we had a booth on the second level. It was a great spot to watch the game, and we didn't have to worry about fighting our way to the bar for a drink or a seat. Definitely recommend this bar if you are searching for a good spot to cheer the Tigers on in the World Series!

NYC 'tailgating' necessities:
1 - University or state bar
2 - College shirt to represent
3 - Loud jewelry because you're not really tailgating, you're looking fashionable in the city
4 - Comfortable walking shoes because you probably won't get a seat
5 - Cross body purse so you can hold 2 drinks at a time!

Go Blue!

Proenza Schouler / AllSaints skinny jeans / Jimmy Choo flat shoes, $520 / Rebecca Minkoff mini clutch, $230 / Fallon / New Agenda University of Michigan Navy Tee