Lipgloss Break: bubble baths
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LUSH Bubble Bars

With the cold weather quickly approaching Michigan, the only way I can really get warm is soaking in a hot bath. I've recently fell in love with LUSH's Bubble Bars. Talk about a little going a long way. You literally just need to crumble off a corner of a bar under running water and the tub will bubble up. My sister-in-law Melissa loves to use them for bubble baths for her kids (and the kids love them too).

After tailgating in the cold and rain for 7 hours this past Saturday I was chilled to the bone. I prepared a bath with a LUSH Bubble Bar and could have soaked for hours. The smell of the almond bar I used filled my whole bathroom and bedroom. Make sure to have a soap dish or little baggie on hand to put the left over bar in.

Starting at $5.95 a pop, I suggest trying it out. I would guess you could get about 5-7 baths out of it, depending on how many bubbles you like to have and the size of your bathtub. They're a great size and price for stocking stuffers too :)