Lipgloss Break: Beautiful Change Challenge #1 - Eating Clean
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Beautiful Change Challenge #1 - Eating Clean


For almost 2 years now I've been following a 'clean eating' diet. It's not counting calories or carbs or any kinda crazy cleanse, it's just making sure what you put into your body is healthy and good for you. No preservatives, excess fats and oils. Just clean, healthy goodness here. 
Reading and studying about this diet helped me to realize that some of the food I was putting in my body was horrible. Even a few changes to your diet can help clean it up a bit and you'll feel great. Here are a few changes you can make in your every day meal plan to help clean up your diet. 
  • Cut out foods with preservatives. If an item from the grocery store has a year of shelf life, just think of all the junk they put in it to help it stay 'good' that long. Yuck! Look for items with less than 3-4 ingredients. 
  • Cut out sugary drinks, like pop and sugary juices, and replace it with water. LOTS of water! 
  • Eat whole grains. Whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole grain pasta, etc. are all delicious and quite frankly, I like them more and I think they taste better than regular white carbs now.
Some of my favorite clean eating essentials: The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook by Tosca Reno, MaraNatha All Natural Roasted Almond Butter (you can find this at Costco), Dannon Oikos Green Nonfat Yogurt, Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Brown Rice Flour, Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil)
Just to stress: Clean eating DOES NOT require you to starve yourself or count calories, it's all about eating good food. You can find tons of fun recipe books at your nearest book store (one of my favorites is The Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno) or recipes online
Be kind to your body - it's the only you got! I challenge you to clean up your diet this Spring. Please comment and share your clean eating changes and/or recipes below!

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1 comment:

  1. So true - what you put in your body is mirrored in your skin.
    Healthy eating = healthy skin.
    What about what you put ON your skin? Is that free of parabens and SLS?
    Your skin is a carrier, not a barrier.