Lipgloss Break: Looking for a Job? Make Sure to BeKnown!
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Looking for a Job? Make Sure to BeKnown!

If you’re a new grad, looking for a new job, or currently out of a job, the beginning of the new year is the best time to dig in and start searching for openings. A lot of companies post brand new openings after the first of the year. This year could be the year you land your dream job!

I remember using when I was looking for a job at out of college. It was great to be able to put in select criteria I was looking for have do the searching for me. Joining in on the social trend, recently launched BeKnown, a professional networking app for Facebook. BeKnown allows you to set up a professional profile directly on Facebook that is completely separate from your personal Facebook page.

One of the apps and newest features of BeKnown are College Pages, which provides a way for alumni to network professionally on Facebook and view job postings from their fellow graduates. Want to connect and network on the go? They also have an iPhone app.

So once you use BeKnown to land an interview, make sure you are prepared! Do your research on the job. My worst interview experience was when my interviewer asked if I knew the names of the founders of the company, and I didn’t. HUGE mistake!

Along with knowing the background and ‘ins & outs’ of a company, you should also pay special attention to your appearance and how you present yourself. Besides being confident and polite, you have to look and be professional. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

-       Dress to impress:
o   Suits are always ‘in’ for interviews. Even if you are interviewing at a company that has a casual dress code, still dress up for the interview. Do not assume that wearing jeans to an interview is okay, even if the person interviewing you has them on.
-       Keep it neutral:
o   Now is not the time to experiment with new wild colors! Makeup is okay to wear, just don’t go over the top with bright colors. It can be distracting! Wear ‘daytime’ makeup, leaving the glitter and dark colors for night time.
o   Wear neutral color clothing. Anything with stripes and patters could be distracting as well.
-       Put your best hand forward:
o   Make sure your nails are trimmed and clean. Chipping nail polish can give off the impression that you don’t care about your appearance. You don’t have to have polish on, but if you do, keep the color neutral.
o   If you don’t want to wear polish, make sure fingernails are clean and filed.

Be confident and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I was a participant in's "Present the Best You" online contest. They also sponsored the following post/giveaway. 

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