Lipgloss Break: Crystal Light On the Go packs
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Crystal Light On the Go packs

If you're up for a healthy challenge, try this: switch out your pop products with Crystal Light On the Go packs! Crystal Light packets are easy to drop in your purse and take anywhere with you to mix with a bottle of water. They are a HEALTHY alternative to grabbing a pop! Ditch the fizz for flavor :)

At only 5 calories a pack, you can get dress up your water and make it delicious. I hate how pop makes me so full feeling and bloated. Not only does Crystal Light make water tasty, but it's hydrating, which is key during the hot summer months. It's definitely a staple in my beach bag this summer.

I tried out the Ice Tea with Lemon last week and loved it. It tasted freshly brewed with just a hint of lemon. I also love the raspberry, very refreshing.

Few tips and fun tricks:
- If you like water with a hint of lemon like me, only use a quarter pack of a lemonade packet in 16 ounces of water. Tastes like a freshly squeezed lemon in your water!
- Freeze the mix in ice cube trays for a summer cool down treat. Freeze in Dixie cups with popsicle sticks in the middle...Popsicles!
- Not necessarily a healthy tip, but you can use these as mixers to make your favorite summer time cocktail :)

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  1. I love Crystal Light. If you want carbonation like in soda, use unflavored seltzer.