Lipgloss Break: Trick or Treat - Give me some Hard Candy
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Trick or Treat - Give me some Hard Candy

Need some quick fix Halloween makeup for a party tonight? Check out the Hard Candy line at your nearest Walmart. It's super affordable and high quality, one of my favorites is their lip gloss! It's a diverse line, you can play it down and wear it to work, or play it up and/or layer it up, and wear it out at night!

Eye Candy – There is no product better for full eye glitter! And no better product for the price! Hard Candy Eye Candy is a glitter infused soft cream-to-powder shadow that will last for hours and provide an intense look for costumes ranging from aliens to Lady Gaga and everything in between! $5

Glitteratzi Eye Glitter Gel – The perfect accent for any shadow to make eyes pop. Hard Candy Glitteratzi Eye Gel is a transparent gel full of glitter to add the perfect sparkle to any look. Little princesses will love the glitter and more mature angels and devils will appreciate the accent. $5

Glitteratzi Body Spray – Adding the perfect amount of sparkle to neck, shoulders, legs and anywhere else that calls for it is simple with Hard Candy Glitteratzi Body Spray! The moisturizing formula adds a soft sheen while the subtle glitter will keep all eyes on you. $8

Glitz Stick – This product is so easy literally anyone can use it. Let your little ones be creative and boost their glamour this Halloween. Draw on glitter stars, hearts, outline, color and go crazy. 6 colors will help all costumes take it to the next level! $6

Lash Tinsel Glitter Mascara – It’s all in the eyes this Halloween! Sexy, scary, sultry or simmering Hard Candy Lash Tinsel coats lashes with the perfect amount of sparkle. You’ll be shimmering from head to toe! $6

Eye Tattoos – For killer eyes to complement your costume press on Hard Candy Eye Tattoos. No need for a makeup artist – in 2 simple steps eyes can be smokey, exotic prints or animal prints. Make a bold statement with a wink and a smile. $10

Inked Up - With 1 in 4 women sporting real tattoos obviously the trend has been cemented. However for the other 3 women that love the look of a tattoo but not the permanent ink, Hard Candy Inked Up is the perfect solution. Rockers, Motorcycle mamas and any other costume calling for ink – create your own design. Press, wet and done! 7-10 days later you’re back to ink free! No regrets! $5

Show Girls Glitter and Show Girl’s Secret Glitter Glue – There is not one costume out there that can’t be better with some glitter! Hard Candy Show Girl All Over Body Glitter is the one product that every single person needs this Halloween! And to keep it in place Show Girl’s Secret Glitter Glue is a must have. Both products are $5

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